Filming Fees

When filming in the District of Squamish, you may be required to pay fees depending on the nature of your production.

Fee payment

Fees must be paid before filming begins or will be deducted from the production's security deposit if applicable. The District of Squamish accepts payment by:

  • Certified cheque or money order (drawn on a Canadian bank account) 
  • Cash
  • Debit 

District of Squamish GST # 121391866RT0001

When all filming in the District is complete, the Film & Events Department will issue an invoice or a refund for the balance.

Application & Daily Filming Fees (GST does not apply)

Item Fee
Filming Application Processing Fee $150 per application
Filming Licence Agreement Processing Fee (for filming on Municipal property only) $50 per agreement
Amendment to application or licence agreement $25 per amendment
Requested amendment to licence requiring legal review Actual cost of Lawyer review
Work Permit (street use permit) $200 per application
Daily Filming Fee (applies to all filming activity within the District of Squamish) $50 per day; max. $300 per application
Business Licence Fee (Non-Resident Film Production Company) $130 per year 
Security Deposit (for filming on Municipal property only) $5,000 to $10,000 (depends on location and activity)

Location Fees

Item Fee
Municipal Park Use $250 per park per day (plus GST)
Municipal Parking Lot Use $50 per 50 metres of parking lot use
Street Use - Parking

$50 per 50 metres per day (plus GST)

$100 per 50 metres per day (plus GST) for 2 hours restricted spaces

Street Use - Lock-ups                                              $50 per location per day (plus GST)
Street Use - Closure $200 per block per day (plus GST)
Airport Parking $250 per day (plus GST)
Airport Filming $750 per day (plus GST)
District Liaison*  Actual cost per hour (plus GST)

*District Liaisons include District staff and liaison contractors hired by the District who provide oversight for filming, environment, transportation, operations, and airport use. The District may require that a liaison be on-site for a portion or the duration of filming. 


Depending on location and filming activity, each production may be required to provide between $5M to $10M Commercial General Liability insurance naming the District of Squamish as additional insured. $10M is required for all filming activity at the Squamish Airport. $2M is required for Student Film Projects (see 'Student Filming Fees' below). 

Student Filming Fees

Student filming projects are not required to pay for filming application processing fees, licence agreement processing fees or daily filming fees. Furthermore, they are not required to provide a security deposit. Student must provide current Student ID with their application and $2M Commercial General Liability insurance.

Commercial Still Photography Shoots

All of the same fees apply.

Other Fees

Other permits that may be required and may incur fees - please see below:

  • Noise Exemption Permit (for permission to film outside of Noise Regulation Bylaw hours) - fees apply and range from $50-$200 per application (request more information from Film & Events Department)
  • Traffic Regulation Work Permit (for all filming that impacts Municipal roads and sidewalks) - no fee
  • Bulk Potable Water Fees - $53.97 per 100 cubes/22,000 gallons
  • Municipal Property Fees - fees vary depending on location, duration, and filming activity (request more information from Film & Events Department)
  • Fire and Police Services - contact Squamish Fire Rescue or Squamish RCMP (phone: 604.892.6100) to discuss your request. All services are dependent on availability. Fees apply.

More Information

View the Filming Fees in the Fees & Charges Bylaw 2012, 2007.

For more information on filming fees and other requirements, please contact the Film & Events Department.

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