Types of Events

Special Event means an organized occasion, whether of a public or private nature, including a festival, parade, musical attractions, community celebration, sporting event, wedding, and charity event held in a facility or on land that is owned, operated, or otherwise held by the District and where the impact on the public space or access to it is significant or for exclusive use.

Community Event means a Special Event held where there is no fee charged for attendance and that is not held for the purpose of business or profit, but is held for the enjoyment of the community at large.

Commercial Event means a Special Event held where a fee is charged for
attendance or that is held for the purpose of business or otherwise for profit or gain. 

Neighbourhood Event means a Special Event that is organized by the residents
within the District, to which residents of the community generally are invited or
expected to attend; where expected attendance is fewer than two-hundred and fifty (250) individuals per day; no alcohol is being served; and no substantial impacts on local or other traffic are expected.

Registered Charity means a charity that is registered under the Income Tax Act in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements. Special Event Permit Fees apply to all non-profit, not-for-profit and for-profit organizations that are not registered as a charity.


Flat fee for parades and street events (where the number of participants is unknown): $50
Up to 199 Participants $50
200 – 399 Participants $75
400 – 699 Participants $100
700 – 1,000 Participants $150
Over 1,000 Participants $200
Special Event organized by a Registered Charity $0
Series of related Special Events held within a 12 month period 100% of the usual applicable fee for the first Special Event and 50% reduction of the usual applicable fee for each subsequent Special Event held within a 12 month period
Events organized by a registered charity currently registered with the Canada Revenue Agency.  Deposit requirements apply to all event applicants.  $0


Damage Deposits

Required for each special event (unless part of a series) in addition to the Special Event fee. 

Up to 100 Participants $50
100 – 499 Participants $200
Over 500 Participants $500


Refund of Deposit

The Manager of Financial Operations has the authority to approve a full or partial refund of the deposit to the applicant, following inspection of the Special Event site(s) and review of any outstanding costs or charges (e.g. RCMP services).


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