Work Permits

Work Permits within the District of Squamish

Work Permits are required when an individual or particular group wants to do any work on District property that affects municipal infrastructure. Municipal infrastructure includes: roads, sidewalks, intersections, parks, easements, and boulevards. Work permits encompass all works that are not currently covered or represented by municipal bylaws.

Work permits are required for anyone who:

  • needs to close or redirect traffic from an area due to a private contractor wishing to complete landscaping, etc. on private property;
  • is planning a parade, march or festival that may impede the flow of traffic or pedestrians.
  • is conducting remediation testing that requires drilling, parking on roadways, and any traffic control personnel to stop, slow, or redirect traffic;
  • is conducting a traffic control training course on municipal roads;
  • needs to close a sidewalk temporarily for window cleaning;

**Utility companies such as TELUS, HYDRO, SHAW CABLE are exempt from requiring work permits when doing work on their aerial lines. When doing underground work, a permit is required and plans must be approved by the District.


  • Construction Impact Mitigation Strategy (Constructions and Developments). Click here for more information.
  • Traffic Management Plan
  • $5M liability insurance naming the District additionally insured is required in most cases and needs to be submitted with the Work Permit application;
  • Valid District of Squamish business license (excluding Events);
  • WorksafeBC clearance letter dated within the last 7 days.

To obtain and/or complete the work permit and submit for approval, please download the form from the applications and forms page (Under "Other Forms & Information"). Once completed, it can be emailed to or faxed to 604.815.5013. The Engineering Technician will review and approve the permit, or contact you for more information.

The Traffic Control Bylaw requires that any request to use District roads, sidewalks, boulevards or property to hold a special event (walk, parade, march), or complete remediation works will require a work permit.