Work Permits

Work Permits within the District of Squamish

Please note we have made some changes to the work permit application form as well as the conditions and requirements. Please take time to review carefully.

Work Permits are required when an individual or particular group wants to occupy or perform any work on District property that affects municipal infrastructure including but not limited to roads, sidewalks, intersections, parks, easements, ditches and boulevards. Work permits are required for any use of a road right of way that is prohibited by the District of Squamish Traffic Bylaw or posted regulations.

Work permit applications have now been separated into 3 different categories:

Form A - Street Occupancy is required, but is not limited to, the following:

  • occupy any portion of municipal property (i.e., placement of Storage/Disposal Bins, Construction/First Aid trailers)
  • close a sidewalk temporarily for any operation (i.e., window cleaning)
  • occupy a portion of municipal property for a development related construction activities
  • occupy any portion of municipal property to accommodate works on private property
  • occupy roadway to conduct a traffic control training course

Form B – Performing Work on District Property is required, but is not limited to, the following:

  • complete any type of work on District infrastructure
  • conducting remediation testing that requires drilling
  • conducting underground work for utilities companies
  • *Utility companies such as TELUS, BC HYDRO, SHAW CABLE are exempt from requiring work permits when working on their aerial lines.

Form C – Filming/Special Events is required for:

  • filming or planning an event, a parade, or festival that may impede the flow of traffic including cyclists or pedestrians.


  • $5M Liability Insurance Certificate with District additionally insured and 30 days cancellation notice
  • Valid District of Squamish Business License
  • WorkSafe BC Clearance Letter dated within the last 7 days.
  • Prime Contractor Form
    • A Prime Contractor must be named for any work being undertaken on District Roads. Limits of the work zone must be clearly identified in the site plan and a completed Prime Contractor Designation Form must be received before a Work Permit will be issued.
  • Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
    • TMPs must be completed by a certified professional and in accordance with the BC MoTI Traffic Control Manual for Work on Roadway, latest edition, and Section 18 of the Workers Compensation Board Act. (See SCHEDULE B for Further Details)
  • Draft Notification Letter to Affected Residents/Businesses for District Review and Acceptance (If Required)
  • Construction Impact Mitigation Strategy (CIMS)
    • CIMS will be required for long duration projects, typically development driven but not exclusive to, and is expected to have long-term impacts on the mobility or safety of pedestrians, cyclists, transit, and vehicular traffic.

Please allow a minimum of ten (10) working days to process a complete submission. No work shall commence until the application has been processed and a permit issued.

To obtain and/or complete the work permit and submit for approval, please download the form from the applications and forms page (Under "Other Forms & Information"). Once completed, it can be emailed to

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