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2019 to 2023 Five Year Financial Plan

The 2019 budget was adopted in April 2019.

We are always open to receiving budget feedback. Send us your budget questions and comments. Tweet or Facebook message us, email us at budgetfeedback@squamish.ca, or comment right here on this page. All comments will be shared with Council and will form part of the public record. 




Join Mayor Karen Elliott and District of Squamish staff on a whirlwind tour of some of the significant projects included in the proposed 2019 budget, including Discovery Trail, the Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Tantalus Fire Hall.





Explore the proposed 2019 budget

Check out our interactive tool that allows you to explore total expenditures in each of the District's budget areas and departments.







 Budget Documents - April 2, 2019 meeting

Public Input Received

 January 29, 2019 Discussion Materials

  1. Capital Plan - General Fund
  2. Special Projects - General Fund
  3. Service Level Changes - General Fund
  4. Utilities Summary
  5. Vacuum Truck Business Case
  6. Multi-Use Heavy Truck Business Case

 January 22, 2019 Discussion Materials

  1. Capital Plan - General Fund
  2. Special Projects and Service Level Changes - General Fund


December 11, 2018 Discussion Materials

  1. Capital Projects - Utilities
  2. Operating Budget - Utilities

What comprises the budget?

The General Operating Fund is funded by taxation, and covers the operational expenses of the District, such as protective services, transportation, recreation and community development among others.

The Capital Plan defines where the District will invest for the long term on infrastructure, equipment and facilities.

The three Utilities (Water, Sewer and Solid Waste) are funded by utility fees (separate from property taxes), and address operational and capital expenses for each area.


 capital and operating budgets diagram


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