Subdivision of Land

Subdivision is the division or consolidation of parcels of land; adjustments or realignments to existing property lines; the creation of several properties from one or more existing properties; or the creation of strata properties. Subdivision of land must meet requirements set out in the Zoning Bylaw and the Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw.

A Subdivision may trigger a Development Permit if the parcel of land is within a riparian area.

Subdivision of land is the creation of one or more new legal properties. In a subdivision process, each new lot receives a new certificate of title, a new legal description, and will have a unique municipal assessment roll number for utilities and taxes.

Each lot that is created must comply with the requirements of the land use zone where the property is located. If this is not possible, then before land can be subdivided, it may require a rezoning.

Subdivision is the only form of land development that does not require Council approval. The conditions for approving subdivision are established in the Local Government Act (Part 26 Division 11). Subdivisions are reviewed and approved by a Council appointed Approving Officer.

Thinking of subdividing a property?

If you have a property you think is suitable for subdivision, the best place to start is by preparing a conceptual site plan. This plan should include:

  • Total existing lot area;
  • Proposed new lot(s);
  • Existing road and any proposed new roads;
  • Any structures on the existing property; and
  • Setbacks between structures and lot lines (existing and proposed).

When you have a conceptual site plan sketched out, please contact a Development Services Clerk at 604-815-5002 or

Find out more about applying for a subdivision, please view our Land Development Guide

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