Systems Technology Roadmap FAQ

What is a Technology Roadmap? How will we benefit? Learn how the District is using technology to address the challenges we're facing today.

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Systems Technology FAQ

  • What is the Technology Roadmap?

    A Technology Roadmap is essentially a 360-degree view of an organization from an IT perspective. What are our technical limitations or challenges and how can we fix them? Are our technology systems speaking the same language? Are they going to become obsolete? How are we using technology to service the community? These are all questions that come into play during this “roadmap” process. At the end of the process, we have a much clearer understanding of how we can implement automated systems to save time and perform better. The roadmap process also helps organizations anticipate and prepare for the future. 

  • What are the District’s current technology challenges?

    Most of our core systems are outdated. This includes important Finance and Recreation systems. Other key areas like Development Management don't have systems at all, and have to rely on manual solutions. Modern, connected systems will lead to further automation and efficiencies, allowing staff to focus on providing the best service, rather than repetitive manual tasks.  Information will be easy to share internally and with the public, and more services will be available online. 

  • What are the benefits?

    The ultimate goal of this project is to become more efficient, more transparent and more connected both internally and externally. Modern systems will enable the District to build the capacity to keep up with growth and improve service levels while keeping costs under control. 

  • When will these new systems be implemented?

    The timeframe to replace the majority of the District's core system is four years. These new connected systems will provide a foundation that we can continue to build on as the community grows. Following this major shift there will be smaller scale, cyclical improvements and upgrades as we leverage the new platform to continue to improve processes and customer service.

  • How much will this cost?

    The District has committed to investing $3 million over 4 years. A large portion of the budget has been allocated to the purchase and implementation of a modern, finance-based core system that will address many of the day-to-day requirements across all departments. This represents a major component of the new platform that will integrate with most other systems.

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