Wildfires can quickly spread from the forest to a community, becoming what is known as an “interface fire”. In the interface, where the wilderness and urban development meet, it is crucial that homeowners take the time to FireSmart their properties.
Learn more about FireSmart by visiting or Firesmart Canada.

Firesmart Home Ignition Zone Assessments

The District of Squamish is offering free Firesmart Home Assessments to interested residents of Garibaldi Highlands & Valleycliffe and District of Squamish residents of Paradise Valley starting in February 2022.

These neighbourhoods have been identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), as having an increased risk to wildfire. Home assessments are an opportunity to receive in person recommendations from a Local Firesmart Representative on how to help reduce your home/property wildfire risk.

Assessments will be by appointment only, take approximately 1 hour and will be based on the Firesmart Home Assessment Score Card and Firesmart Begins at Home Manual. A member of your household must be present during the assessment.

FireSmart Home Assessments - Tentative 2022 dates
Garibaldi Highlands & Valleycliffe

Available Timeslots: 

Available Dates Available Times
  8-9a.m 9:30-
2-3p.m. 3:30-
Saturday, February 5 booked  booked booked  booked  booked  booked
Friday,  February 11 booked booked booked booked booked  booked
Tuesday, February 15 booked  booked booked  booked booked booked
Tuesday,  March 1 booked booked    booked    
Wednesday, March 2    booked        
Thursday, March 3        booked booked   
Friday, March 4      booked booked     
Saturday, March 5            
Wednesday, March 9        booked    
Saturday, March 12           booked
Paradise Valley (District of Squamish residents)

Available Timeslots: 

Available Dates Available Times
  8-9a.m 9:30-10:30a.m. 11a.m.-12p.m. 12:30-1:30p.m. 2-3p.m
Saturday, February 19  booked  booked      
Sunday, February 27          
Sunday, March 6          
Saturday, March 12          


How to book an appointment

Please select from one of the dates and times available in your neighbourhood above, and contact to book an appointment.


FireSmart Home Assessments provide general recommendations only, to help homeowners reduce their risk from wildfire.

Recommendations provided from Firesmart Home Assessments DO NOT guarantee the elimination of any loss or damage from wildfire.

Did you know?
  • Nearly half of all wildfires in BC are caused by people.
  • More than 50% of homes destroyed by wildfire ignited by embers blown by the wind.
  • 85-90% of homes with non-combustible roofs & 10 metres of clearance will survive a major wildfire.


Firesmart is a program developed by Firesmart Canada and Firesmart BC to help homeowners living in or near forested areas identify and address wildfire threats on their property.

Firesmart homes and neighbourhoods allow firefighters to concentrate on fighting wildfires, which ultimately saves more homes and lives. Adopting FireSmart principles to your home and property can help reduce the potential impact of wildfires, and will help firefighters to better defend your home.


What you can do

You and your neighbours have a major role to play in reducing the wildfire threat to your home. Changes made to the area closest to your home have the greatest impact on reducing the risk of wildfire damage. Ready to start making changes to your home?

Step 1: Review the FireSmart Home Ignition Zone Assessment or download the FireSmart begins at home app.

Step 2: Identify which changes will make the greatest difference in reducing our home’s risk from wildfire.

Step 3: Connect with your neighbours on how you can work together to achieve FireSmart neighbourhood recognition.

Step 4: Check local and Provincial regulations relating to the actions planned for your property.  Download the Actions Based on FireSmart Home Assessment checklist.

Step 5: Contact to book a Home Ignition Zone Assessment based on available dates and times.

Helpful Resources
Learn more about FireSmart

Download FireSmart Homeowner's manual to begin your FireSmart journey and better protect your home.

 Watch this brief video for an overview of FireSmart practices and what you can do at home.

 Checkout the Get FireSmart podcast

Renovating or rebuilding

Incorporate FireSmart recommendations into your project:.

Download the FireSmart Home Development Guide.


Find FireSmart plant suggestions for your yard. Download the FireSmart Guide to Landscaping

What the District of Squamish is doing?

The District of Squamish is working towards making Squamish a FireSmart Community

Community Chipper Days

In 2018 the District of Squamish Fire Rescue launched the “Community Chipper Days”. Residents in select neighbourhoods identified in our Community Wildfire Protection Plan as being at higher wildfire risk, are encouraged to Firesmart their property and dispose of their tree limbs & branches at the end of their drive or lane for curbside chipping and removal during specified times. 

Stay tuned for 2022 Chipper dates and locations.

What’s Accepted/Encouraged:

  • Combustible vegetation: branches, tree limbs and/or shrubs such as from conifers,
  • Materials up to 30cm (1 foot) in diameter (Anything larger will not be accepted)
  • Neatly placed piles
  • Please Limit piles to approximately a pick-up truck size load

What is NOT Accepted:

  • Organic materials such as grass, weed and leaves
  • Root balls
  • Construction waste, dirt, rock and nails
  • Invasive species
  • Machine moved piles (i.e., excavators)
  • Large piles of leafy (deciduous) vegetation discouraged


Structural Protection Trailer

In 2018, Squamish Fire made a joint purchase of a structural protection trailer with Whistler Fire Rescue. This trailer is equipped to help protect homes from approaching wildfire threat.

Development Permit Area

The District is creating a Wildfire Development Permit Area (DPA) for Squamish to help reduce the risk to public safety, property and the District’s forests from wildfire hazards.

Identified as one of the recommendations from the District's Community Wildfire Protection Plan, the Wildfire DPA would apply to properties that are at risk for wildfire. Development occurring within the Wildfire DPA would be required to obtain a Development Permit and meet a set of guidelines focused on fire-resistive building materials and landscaping

Forest Thinning/Fuel mitigation

The District of Squamish is also working with consultants on fire fuel mitigation prescriptions and forest thinning treatments in selected high-risk areas identified in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). The first two projects are located in the Brackendale Farmers' Institute Park and near the Squamish Airport. Learn more

Pursuing Funding

The District of Squamish continues to pursue available funding opportunities through the Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) for Firesmart related initiatives.