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  • Darlene Anderson Dec 01, 2018

    I am hoping that even though it is multi family buildings that are receiving water metering and will eventually be billed for water use that ALL users (residential and industrial) will be billed for water. It would be grossly unfair to bill residents in multi family buildings for water and not those in single family homes. I know you can't meter water use in single family homes, but through the metering of water in multifamily buildings you could get an idea of the average water use per family; and bill accordingly.

    I clean in both multifamily and single family homes. The only high flush toilets (13L per flush) I run into are those in single family homes - the older ones. And very few of these have replaced their toilets for lower water use toilets. (even though they could afford to). The stats I have are: 14 single family; 5 of which have high water use toilets; the rest are new enough they never had them in the first place. I believe that two probably had them replaced after construction. And 7 multi family homes; none of which are high use toilets.

    You need to bill EVERYONE for water at the same time - not just those that you can meter the water use.
    Thank you.

    • DOS Communications Dec 11, 2018

      Hello Darlene, thank you for your comments. ALL residences in Squamish will continue to be billed for water use. The difference is that single family homes will continue to be billed an annual flat fee (this was $424 in 2018), versus multifamily buildings that will be billed based on usage. Hope this helps to clarify.

  • Simon Nov 13, 2018

    BTW your link above to "Squamish.ca/engage" (https://quamish.ca/engage) on the https://squamish.ca/our-services/water-and-waste-water/water-metering-faq/#moderated, "conveniently" does not work!
    Coincidence or engineered to avoid feedback?

    • DOS Communications Nov 15, 2018

      Hello Simon - the link to the squamish.ca/engage has been fixed. Thank you for letting us know it was not working.

  • Simon Nov 13, 2018

    By metering townhouse complexes, using one meter per complex, not per household does not, in any way address Customer Equity which you claim is one of the aims of this process. It simply continues the previous inequity of not metering the largest, individual, household water user, namely single family dwelling by not metering at all.
    The DOS should either meter all or none, or at least start with the largest users of water, as a group - single family households.

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