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Please have your building permit number ready

Due to recent technology improvements and increased volume of permit applications, the District of Squamish Building Department is necessitating some changes to procedures when booking inspections or making submissions related… Read More

High Performance Building Workshops

Abbotsford | June 22, July 26, Aug 24, and Sep 14 | $150-$500 The City of Abbotsford is hosting a series of in-person high-performance building workshops focused on building envelope practices,… Read More

Home Renovation Contractor Readiness Survey

Are you a Squamish builder, contractor, or business involved in renovating existing homes? Help us create a Home Energy Retrofit Strategy by participating in the Home Renovation Contractor Readiness Survey. Read More

Low Carbon Incentive Program

The Low Carbon Incentive Program aims to establish a low-carbon incentive for residential construction which would see a reduction in the allowable floor area in zones RS-1, RS-1A, RS-2, RS-3,… Read More

Fire Access and hydrant requirements

This notice is to remind builders and developers of the access and fire hydrant requirements that have to be met before a permit can be issued. Read More

District of Squamish Building Department Now Accepting Building Application Submissions in Person

Applications for building permits can now be submitted in-person at Municipal Hall between 10 a. m. and 3 p. m. Monday to Friday. Read More

UPDATE: Potential Drainage Issues with Podium Landscaping (on Slab) Including Green Roofs

The District of Squamish has found that podium style landscaping, landscaping placed on top of a slab or other hard surface, can result in stormwater nutrient levels that exceed allowable… Read More

Diverting Waste in the Construction, Renovation, and Demolition Industry

Waste diversion is a key goal of Council’s Strategic Plan. In 2017, the District of Squamish changed the Solid Waste Bylaw to require all businesses to divert waste. Read More

Provincial guidance to construction sites during COVID-19

The Provincial Government has released guidance to construction sites operating during COVID-19 to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to protect the health of employees. Read More

What you should know about the new secondary suite requirements

In December 2019, the BC Building Code released revisions to secondary suite requirements. Read More

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