Howe Sound Secondary School Eco Club

Howe Sound Secondary School Eco Club

"I want to make a positive impact for future generations."
Aaliyah, age 16

Please choose the one area of climate action that you feel that your actions most closely relate to:
Reducing landfill waste.

Please describe in detail a couple of the main climate actions you are taking to reduce emissions in your own life:
We are encouraging plastic reduction throughout our school community. This helps climate action by reducing energy demands for the manufacture and recycling of plastic packaging.

Please describe in detail something you are doing toward broader community climate action:
We shared the locally filmed documentary "Creatures of Convenience" with our school community. This film tackles the issues of our society's dependence on single-use plastic and our mismanagement of this waste. Our exploration of this topic directly impacts community climate action as plastic waste takes energy to make, distribute and recycle, so dealing with plastic is a big part of becoming a climate conscious citizen.

What has inspired you to take climate action?

  • "I don't want to sit back and watch negative things happening to our planet, I want to implement positive changes and help our animals and planet."Kaylee , age 17

  • "I want to make a positive impact for future generations." Aaliyah, age 16

  • "I want to offset the destruction of our planet with positive change." Jenna, age 17

  • "I want to leave behind a planet that is better for our children." Holly, age 16 and Marin, age 15

  • "I want to encourage others to leave a positive impact on our planet." Maya, age 17

  • "I want to support our young people to make positive changes for the planet." Kathy, teacher


What advice do you have for Squamish community members who are looking to get involved with climate action?

  • Buy local, organic food, support local businesses.
  • Be aware of what products you are bringing into your life.
  • Make choices, live consciously.
  • Try to limit your plastic use.
  • Be mindful of the businesses/corporations you support.
  • Connect with others with similar interests.
  • Create an achievable goal and invite others to join you.
  • Spread the word about what you are doing for the planet.
  • Use active transport, get out of your car.