Strata Conversion

When a multi-unit building is owned by one (or a group) of owners, and the owner(s) wish to create individual titles for each unit to allow for individual ownership of each unit, then a Strata Title Conversion (STC) is required.

The Condominium Act, Zoning Bylaw, and Council policies control STCs in the District of Squamish. These Bylaws ensure that the proposed STC meets health, safety, and servicing requirements. 

Strata Conversion is the creation of individual legal units in an existing multi-unit building with one (or a group) of owners. Strata conversion needs to be considered by Council when the multi-unit building is currently occupied by owners and/or tenants.

Examples of buildings that are converted from single legal units to strata-titled units include: duplexes, townhouses, apartments, multi-unit commercial and industrial buildings, and mixed-use residential/commercial buildings.

As outlined in Section 242 of the Strata Property Act, the province requires that a Local Government consider the following when a strata conversion request is submitted:

(a) the priority of rental accommodation over privately owned housing in the area;

(b) any proposals for the relocation of persons occupying a residential building;

(c) the life expectancy of the building;

(d) projected major increases in maintenance costs due to the condition of the building, and

(e) any other matters that, in its opinion, are relevant.

Are you considering a Strata Conversion?

If you are an owner of a multi-unit building and you would like to apply for strata conversion, you can find out more about applying on the Apply page.

Before you apply:

Some information you should have compiled for a pre-application meeting includes:

  • Site plan of multi-unit building;
  • Number of units and dimensions of those units;
  • Lot area and concept for stratification of outdoor area (common property and limited common property);
  • A basic understanding of where your service connections are.

If you have questions about getting ready for a strata conversion application, contact a Development Services Clerk at 604-815-5002 or


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