Human diseases include a large array of parasitic, bacterial, and viral agents that can cause illness and death. A great variety of events can lead to disease outbreaks and epidemics among Squamish residents and visitors. The most notable disasters associated with human diseases include respiratory viruses, such as high-mortality influenza. 

A pandemic is a worldwide outbreak of a specific disease which affects a large proportion of the population and spreads rapidly. In a large-scale and sudden human disease outbreak, such as pandemic influenza, health care services may be unable to deal with the large number of expected patients.

Squamish falls within a Vancouver Coastal Health, Health Services Delivery Area. Vancouver Coastal Health is responsible for developing, maintaining, and implementing the pandemic response plan for the Sea to Sky Corridor. 


Speak to someone: 

  • Novel Coronavirus Information: 1.833.784.4397
  • Health Information: 8-1-1

BC Centre for Disease Control channels to follow for updates:

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