Urban Hens

Keeping Urban Hens in Squamish

The District of Squamish supports local food production, however care must be taken so as not to attract dangerous wildlife such as bears, coyotes, cougars and wolves.

All urban hens must be registered and enclosed by electric fence to prevent wildlife conflicts.

By Registering your urban hens, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of keeping urban hens in Squamish and completing a self-inspection for your coop/pen and electric fencing.

Click here to launch the Registry Application. 

Please note that random inspections by District of Squamish may be performed at any time.
Not registering your Hen(s) is a ticketable offence of $100.00 under Animal Control Bylaw 2124.

Summary of Conditions for Keeping Urban Hens in the District of Squamish:

  • Residents on a residential lot within the District of Squamish are permitted up to a maximum of five (5) urban hens and must be a resident of the property where the urban hens are kept.
  • All zones are permitted, but land titles must be checked as there are areas within the District that have covenants on land title that specifically restrict land use and may not allow keeping of urban hens.
  • No roosters are permitted.
  • No sale of eggs or slaughter of chickens are permitted.
  • Residents must follow the District of Squamish Animal Control Bylaw No. 2124,2009 for the proper care and housing of urban hens.
  • Residents must follow applicable bylaws for building of the coop/pen.
  • The coop/pen must be fully enclosed by electric fencing and must follow bylaw regulations.
  • All urban hen food that is stored outdoors must be secured from vermin and wildlife.
  • The coop/pen must be constructed and secured from other animals, and must prevent any rodent from harbouring underneath or within it or within its walls.
  • All urban hens must be registered with the District of Squamish. A registry application is required to be completed and validated by the District of Squamish to be considered registered.

Steps to Keeping Hens:

You are allowed to keep urban hens in your backyard if you follow these steps:

1. Review the District’s bylaws for requirements to keeping urban hens.
2. Learn how to care for urban hens.
3. Register your urban hens with the District. Registration is free, but mandatory.

Not registering your Hen(s) is a ticketable offence of $100.00 under Animal Control Bylaw 2124.

STEP 1:  Urban Hen Guidelines  Understanding District of Squamish Bylaws:

Before you start raising urban hens, it is important to read and understand the municipal regulations that govern the keeping of urban hens. Research and understand what the best practices are for keeping urban hens in an urban environment.

It is important to check your land title to ensure there is no covenant on your land title preventing urban hens on your property. Visit BC Land Title & Survey website for more information

A full chicken coop is on display at the District's Animal Control office located at 39903 Government Road.

STEP 2: Urban Hen Guidelines – Learning How to Care for your Urban Hens:

Educate yourself on best practices for backyard urban hen keeping. Here are some helpful resources:

STEP 3: Register your Urban Hens with the District of Squamish:

You will receive a letter or an email when your registration has been received, reviewed and is approved by the District.


Contact Information: 

For general inquiries or complaints, please contact Bylaw Services department:

For Zoning inquires please contact our Building department:

Check out this stop-motion video produced by a group of students at Quest University Canada that illustrates the bylaw requirements. 

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