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If you are planning to build, renovate, or demolish a residence or commercial property, it is important that you understand the Building Permit Application process before submitting your application.

The primary purpose for the issuance of the Building Permit is to ensure that all buildings comply with safety, health, building and zoning requirements of the District of Squamish and the Province of British Columbia.

Prior to applying for a building permit, an applicant may require a Land Development Permit, need to enter into a Servicing Agreement, or be subject to other approval processes. If your project requires a Zoning Bylaw Amendment, Land Development Permit, Works and Services (Servicing) Agreement, Development Variance Permit or application to Board of Variance, these approvals must be issued before submitting a Building Permit application. Please contact Development Services for more information.

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As outlined in our comprehensive Building Guide, here is the Building Permit Process:

STEP 1: Enquiry
This Building Permit Application Guide provides you with information and resources required to apply for a Building Permit. If you have any questions about your project prior to submitting your application, please contact the Development Services Department. You are also required to confirm the current services (if any) to your lot – you can also request this information from the Development Services Department. 

To confirm your Zoning, use our Map Viewer

To confirm your Servicing, contact BC 1 Call

STEP 2: Application Submission
At the time of application submission, a Development Services Representative will review your application* and documentation to determine if your application is complete and advise you of any additional requirements. A Building Official may follow up with questions and additional requirements. Upon submission, you are required to pay your Building Permit Application fee.

* Please note Building Permit Applications cannot be reviewed between 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.. Appointments are not required.

STEP 3: Off-Site Services Confirmed or Service Agreement Required
Prior to issuance of your Building Permit, you are required to have services (water, sanitary, and storm) connected to your property line. This may result in the need for a Service Agreement. A Service Agreement is drafted to capture any off-site servicing works or infrastructure that affects the project including: water connections, sewer connections, drainage and storm connections, roads and sidewalks (access /road networking), street signage, and boulevard landscaping and maintenance.

STEP 4: Building Permit Issued
Once the Building Official confirms that your application and documentation meet all requirements, and off-site servicing is complete, they will prepare the Building Permit and approve the set of drawings submitted. Once the Building Permit application is approved, the applicant must pay all applicable fees before receiving the issued permit. These fees may include, but are not limited to, Building Permit fees, fees for offsite service connections, damage deposits, Lot Grading deposit, Development Cost Charges, and Service Agreement charges.

If, during the course of construction, there are any changes made to the plumbing, electrical, interior, exterior or structural walls that appear to have affected the change in use or structural questionability, then an amended plan (stamped by a Professional Engineer) may be required for review and approval by a Building Official. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to submit the amendment Detailed Design Drawings identifying changes prior to approval.

STEP 5: Inspections
IMPORTANT: Inspections will not occur if the civic address is not posted and clearly visible on the property.

The Applicant is responsible for scheduling the required  inspections during construction (as listed on the Building Permit). Once the Building Inspector completes each inspection, a ‘Notice of Building Inspection’ is left at the job site, noting the inspection results. All incomplete items noted on the ‘Notice of Building Inspection‘ must be completed prior to scheduling the next inspection.

Refer to Building Requirements & Inspections (in the Guide) and the Master Building Inspection List for more information. On completion and approval of on-site services for new construction projects the District will turn on services e.g. water.  Once Occupancy is granted, the District of Squamish will initiate utility billing and issue totes.

STEP 6: Release of Deposits & Bonds
Once Final approval is issued, the District of Squamish will refund any deposits and release bonds, minus any District property repair costs.

Please note: Once Occupancy is granted, Municipal Hall authorizes the issuance of totes.

For all tote enquiries including schedules & deliveries, please contact GFL Environmental at 604.892.5604.

For all billing enquiries including utilities, garbage, and recycling please contact Financial Services at 604.815.5010.

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