Dangerous Dogs List

The District of Squamish Animal Control Bylaw No. 2124, 2009 Section 2(e) defines a dangerous dog as:

  1. A dog which has killed or seriously injured a person or animal;
  2. A dog which has a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack animals or humans without provocation;
  3. A dog which has bitten, attacked or aggressively pursued a person or animal without provocation;
  4. A dog, which has been trained for or is owned for the purpose of dog fighting. 

No owner of a dangerous dog shall permit the dog to be running at large in the District unless the dog is kept on a leash, tether or other suitable device not exceeding two meters in length, is securely muzzled so as to prevent the dog from biting a person or animal, and is under the immediate care and control of a competent person.

The owner of a dangerous dog shall, at all times when the dog is on the owner’s property, keep the dog securely confined within a building or enclosure capable of preventing the dog’s escape and the entry of children under the age of 12 years old. As well, post a sign at the entrance to where the dog is kept, warning in writing, as well as with a symbol, that there is a dangerous dog on the property.

The owners of dangerous dogs not kept in accordance with this bylaw are subject to fines, and the dogs subject to seizure and impoundment with fees ranging from $200 - $1,000.  

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