Second Downtown Entrance

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The District is working towards the development of a plan for a future additional vehicle crossing at the Mamquam Blind Channel. An upcoming Downtown Entrance Study will help inform this plan. The new Pemberton Bridge, as identified in the District’s 2031 Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, will connect the new Laurelwood Road with Pemberton Avenue in Downtown Squamish. The bridge will supplement the above infrastructure provided by the Waterfront Landing developer to create a new second entrance to Downtown Squamish from Highway 99. This bridge will be built with pedestrian and bike facilities.

The Pemberton Bridge will be included in an updated Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaw, which identifies growth-related projects that would qualify for DCC funds. Municipalities levy DCCs on all new development to pay for new or expanded infrastructure such as sewer, water, drainage, parks and roads necessary to adequately service the demands of that new development.  

Project timeline: 2025 – 2030 (estimated)

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  • John Peterson May 29, 2019, 12:56 PM (23 months ago)

    I trust that Squamish City Developers and Council act responsibly by forbidding trucks to use this alternate second entrance to downtown Squamish. Trucks cannot be allowed to establish a route along a path you have identified as pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Please do not turn Laurelwood Road and Pemberton Avenue into a truck route.

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