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Are you planning to hold an event in Squamish? Will it be a race, trail event, wedding, musical event, arts event, or something else? Are you planning to host your event on municipal land including parks, roads, trails or other municipal-owned land? If so, you are required to apply of for a Special Event Permit from the District of Squamish.

Read the Special Event Bylaw

Please submit a request to to have your event listed. 

Applying for a Special Event Permit is as easy as 1-2-3! 

  1. Complete an online Event Application Form.
  2. Review the Things To Know When Hosting An Event In Squamish below to learn more about the different types of permit requirements that may apply to your event. Also visit Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.
  3. You will be contacted by the a representative from the Arts & Culture Department to discuss your event permit requirements and ultimately ensure you have a safe and successful event!

Things to Know When Hosting an Event in Squamish

Site Map

Depending on the size and location of your event, you may be required to provide a site map that indicates the location of your event in Squamish and the placement of fencing, washrooms, seating, stages, vendors, public access points, entertainment, and other infrastructure. If you are required to provide a detailed Traffic Management Plan or a Fire Safety Plan, you will be required to provide a map.

Park, Field or Room Rentals

If you are planning to hold your event on District property, please contact to confirm if the space needs to be booked and if it’s available. District property includes parks, fields and rooms at the Brennan Park Recreation Centre. Fees may apply and must be paid at Brennan Park Recreation Centre. Bookings should be made no more than one year in advance of your event. For all events held in District parks, you may also be required to attend a site walk with a District staff member (you will be contacted if this is required).

Waste Management

Event organizers play a key role in helping the District achieve waste reduction goals. The Solid Waste Utility Bylaw encourages everyone to reduce their waste by keeping organics and recyclables out of the landfill (this is called waste diversion). The Zero Waste Events Guide has been designed to assist event organizers in achieving compliance with our bylaws.

As per the District of Squamish Wildlife Attractant Bylaw, you are responsible for keeping all refuse generated by the event in containers that are sufficient in size and number for your event. Containers must be emptied into a wildlife resistant container by midnight on each day of the event. As a general rule, we recommend at least 1 x 95 gallon tote per 200 people.

Depending on the location and number of attendees of your event, you may need to provide portable washrooms.  Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) requires 12 units per 1000 people, although this may vary depending on the length of the event, number of people and availability of other facilities nearby.  A sanitation schedule may also be requested from VCH.

If a Waste Management Plan is required (you will be notified following the submission of your online Event Application Form), it should include the following:

  • Number of garbage, recycling and composting containers on-site and when pick-up is scheduled
  • Number of washrooms
  • Plan to ensure site is returned to its original condition following your event
  • Any additional information to help clarify your plans for managing waste during your event

Read the Wildlife Attractant Bylaw.

Food & Water

If you are planning to prepare, serve, provide and/or offer food and/or drinks to the public, and/or you are introducing new water systems, dispensing units or extensions to existing water systems, you must comply with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) guidelines. You may be required to apply for permits that are submitted to the Squamish VCH office at least 14 days in advance of your event. 

For more information, visit


Alcohol Service

Where alcohol service is planned as part of your event, a Special Event Permit (Liquor Licence) is required. Please apply through the Provincial Government for this permit.

You may also require Vancouver Coastal Health approval depending on the type of service and any beverage preparation. For more information visit the Vancouver Coastal Health website.

Traffic Management

You are responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient parking for your event, for arranging off-site parking if there is no available parking on-site, and for advising attendees of parking arrangements for the event.  If relevant, you are also responsible for providing signage, barricades, parking or traffic control for your event, and for notifying BC Transit (Ph: 604.892.5559) of any potential bus route impacts. If a Traffic Management Plan is required (you will be notified following the submission of your online Event Application Form), it should include the following:

  • location of traffic management personnel (if applicable, e.g. for road closures, parades)*
  • location on parking, signage and barricades (if applicable)
  • details of other efforts you are taking to ensure safe traffic management at your event
  • copy of your Site Plan (see 2. Site Plan)

*If you require RCMP assistance with traffic control, please contact Squamish RCMP (Ph: 604.892.6100) for availability and an estimate.

If you are planning to use District roads and/or trails for your event, you are required to apply for a Traffic Work Permit. No fees apply.

Read the Traffic Regulation Bylaw.

Fire Safety

Depending on the logistics of your event, you may be required to provide Squamish Fire Rescue with an Event Fire Safety Plan for approval. Events that may require a plan include those with fireworks, motorized stunts, road closures, fenced/enclosed exits, cooking facilities, and alcohol service. You will be notified following the submission of your online Event Application Form if an Event Fire Safety Plan is required.

Electrical & Power Safety

Please contact Technical Safety BC to ensure you have the necessary permits to ensure electrical, gas and propane safety for your event.

Amusement Devices - The Safety Standards Act applies to everyone who installs, alters, maintains or operates amusement devices including bouncy castles. It’s essential that you are familiar with the Technical Safety BC regulations and ensure that all operators of amusement devices at your event are permitted. 


Hours of events within the District are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., 7 days a week. If you are planning any event activities outside of these hours, you must apply for a Noise Exemption Permit (approval is not guaranteed). Permit fees apply.

Please notify the Arts and Culture Department if you would like to apply for a Noise Exemption Permit.


You are required to obtain and maintain, during the term of the event, a Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy providing coverage for $2M or $5M (depending on the type of event and level of risk) naming the District of Squamish as additional insured. After you have submitted your online Event Application Form, you will be notified of which amount of coverage is required for your event. 

A copy of the insurance policy must be provided to the District prior to the issuance of your Special Event Permit.

The District of Squamish Liability Insurance Program is offered to rental users for District facilities (i.e. ice, fields, rooms and parks) who do not carry their own, or  do not have adequate insurance when renting a District facility.

Special Event Permit

If you are holding your event on District property, you are required to hold an approved Special Event Permit prior to your event. Fees apply and must be paid at Municipal Hall prior to your event. 

For more information, visit Special Event Fees.


Visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information about hosting events in Squamish.

Contact the following agencies for more information:

Technical Safety BC (formerly BCSA)
Stephan Lemelin, Safety Officer, Electrical 

Brennan Park Bookings (including municipal parks)
1009 Centennial Way
Ph: 604.898.3604

Liquor Control & Cannabis Regulation Branch

Squamish Fire Rescue
Aaron Foote, Deputy Fire Chief
Ph: 604.898.9666

Squamish RCMP
Staff Sergeant Gareth Bradley 
Ph: 604.892.6100

Vancouver Coastal Health - Squamish
Dan Glover - Senior Environmental Health Officer/Drinking Water Officer
Ph: 604.892.2293

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