Bylaw Complaint Process


Bylaw complaints can be made by telephone, using our online feedback form, in writing by fax or email, or in person at the RCMP Detachment, Municipal Hall, Community Policing Office or the Animal Control and Pound Office.

You must identify yourself when making a complaint. Anonymous complaints are not accepted. The identity of complainants is always confidential unless the complainant has agreed to be identified or unless an order has been made by the Provincial Freedom of Information Commissioner. In almost all cases, the Privacy Commissioner has sided with municipal policy and not allowed the release of complainant information. Occasionally, it may be necessary to provide evidence as a witness at an adjudication hearing or in Provincial Court should Officers be unable to determine that a violation occurred without the evidence of the complainant or witness. This is done as a last resort. A complainant would normally be informed of this requirement at the time of the initial complaint or during the investigative process. 

Our matters are resolved informally as much as possible. Our primary focus is always education and facilitating voluntary compliance wherever possible. We will resort to more formal legal remedies only if we must. We’re here to help solve neighbourhood problems, not to make them worse.

When submitting a request for service, we ask that you have the exact address where the alleged violation has occurred. We are unable to attend complaints based on a description of a house or area.

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer will be in touch with you and will investigate as soon as possible. Please let us know if things change; if they get better or if they get worse. If it is determined that a bylaw violation has occurred, the Officer will work with the owner to voluntarily resolve the issue. You will be advised of the outcome.

Bylaw Enforcement Office
1000 Finch Drive
Phone: 604-815-5067
Fax: 604-815-5093
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Your patience with Bylaw Enforcement matters is appreciated.