Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Downtown Squamish is home to a DC Fast Charging Station for electric vehicles. Located across the street from Municipal Hall on Second Avenue, this charging station is one of 13 in a network built by BC Hydro and the Province of BC. The charging station is available to drivers 24 hours a day and can charge an electric vehicle to 80% in 25-30 minutes.

The installation of these stations marks a significant milestone for B.C.’s Clean Energy Vehicle Program – completing the B.C. portion of the West Coast Green Highway. Electric vehicle owners will eventually be able to drive from San Diego, California all the way to Whistler knowing they can charge their vehicles along the way.

The District of Squamish is very pleased to be chosen as one of the participating communities for this initiative.

Charging station locations in Squamish are shown on websites and apps such as Plugshare. Please click here to open Plugshare in a new window.


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Got questions about the Fast Charging Station? Check out our FAQ here.