Curbside Collection

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Through a contract with GFL Environmental, the District of Squamish provides bi-weekly curbside collection for:

Questions? Check out the Curbside Collection Frequently Asked Questions

Has wildlife broken or damaged your tote? Contact GFL Environmental at for a free repair or replacement tote.

Has your collection been missed? Email or call (604) 892-5604 as soon as possible to report it.  

Garbage tote size-based fee

The single solid waste fee, as determined by the size of your garbage tote, also covers the cost of collection and processing of recycling and organics. There is no additional charge for recycling and organics totes. Garbage tote sizes can be exchanged once per year.  Learn more about garbage tote size exchanges.

Recycling and Organics tote sizes

At this time, the District only has the medium size (65 gal/246 litre) recycling totes available. The majority of organics totes are also the medium size, however a limited number of small organics totes (32 gallon/120 litre) have been provided to townhouse residents.

Solid Waste Utility Fees

Solid Waste Utility fees cover the full year of organics, recycling and garbage collection, the landfill operations and sets aside reserve funds for future costs of waste disposal and landfill closure. The Solid Waste Utility is revenue neutral – fees are set in order to cover the costs of providing solid waste services.

Please visit the Taxes and Utilities section for details.

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