Smoke Bluffs overlooking downtown Squamish.

Smoke Bluffs overlooking downtown Squamish.

Filming in Squamish

Why Squamish?

Our unparalleled scenery, rich history and recent development give Squamish both a small town and west coast modern look and feel. Our abundant parks, forests, mountains, cliffs and rivers provide endless natural settings. Rural, urban or remote wilderness settings are all easily accessible within just minutes of Squamish.   

Squamish is located just 50 minutes north of Downtown Vancouver which is often faster than driving through the city of Vancouver itself. We are also within the Regional Tax Credit Zone which makes Squamish such a logical choice for whatever your script may call for.

If you have filming questions, are looking for suggestions, or just want to run an idea by us, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Film Friendly

The District of Squamish ensures both fast and straightforward filming approvals, and is considered one of the most ‘film-friendly’ municipalities in B.C. However, we believe that being a film-friendly town goes beyond that. Our businesses and residents have a reputation for welcoming and accommodating productions of all sizes. Squamish is also home to a growing community of professional talent and crew.

The District of Squamish Film & Events Department can offer tips and assistance with location scouting, contact information for properties, facilities and services, as well as liaising with other agencies. 

Planning Your Dates & Locations

At any given time, there are many capital projects and events in Squamish that may affect dates and locations for filming.  Please visit our  Events Calendar and Projects & Initiatives for upcoming projects within the District of Squamish (including major capital upgrades that could impact road access). 

Local Resources

A local pool of talented film industry workers reside in Squamish. Professionals include costume designers, grips, lighting specialists, actors and actresses, stunt men and women, special effects technicians and photographers plus more. Please consider hiring locally. Contact our film office for a list of contact details and resources. For local residents who work in the film industry, if you would like to be included on this contact and resource list, please forward your contact details and services by email to the Squamish Film Collective.

Want to know more?

Contact us at 604.848.4374 or

For more information on locations to film in Squamish, including listing your property (if you are a Squamish land/homeowner), please contact Creative BC.


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