Water Service Leaks

Water leaks affect everyone; they can damage property, put public health at risk, add an increased collective cost to all tax payers, and it is a waste of a precious natural resource upon which we all rely.

Owner Responsibility

Property owners are responsible for all water pipes and appliances that extend from the Service Valve to the private property.

In most cases, the Service Valve is at the property line which is a few metres from the curb or sidewalk. The Service Valve is the property and responsibility of the District of Squamish and it is unlawful to tamper with it. If there are any concerns with District property leaks or damages, please contact the District Operations Office right away.

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A water leak can cause the following issues:

*Did you know…
If water is pooling on the ground and there is a negative pressure in the District watermain (ie. From hydrant use in the event of a fire), the contaminated water could be drawn back into the District watermain, affecting the entire neighbourhood’s drinking water. Visit our Cross Connection Control Program page to learn more.

Causes of water service leaks:

Signs of a Broken Water Line:

What to do when you have a leak

  1. Call a certified contractor to confirm the source of the leak and make the repair.
  2. Call the District of Squamish to shut off the water service (so the repair can be made). A necessary Water On/Off Fee ($100) will apply. Only District staff are allowed to turn the water on or off at the Service Valve.
  3. Keep taps closed and turn off water tanks to prevent damage while the water service is off.
  4. (This is a good time to wash all aerators, screens and water filters. Be sure to follow all manufacturer recommendations.)
  5. When the repair is complete, call the District of Squamish to turn the water service back on.

Helpful Hints for hiring a contractor

How is a water service leak repaired?

There are a few methods used to repair a water service:

How much do water service repairs cost?

The cost of the water service repair will vary greatly depending on the contractor, type of repair or replacement, the extent of the damage and access to the issue. These repairs aren’t typically covered by a basic homeowner’s insurance policy however it may be worth following up. In order to reduce the financial impact of unplanned repairs, you may wish to explore additional insurance options. Talk to your current home insurance provider.


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