Options Selection

On February 12 and 14, 2020 District of Squamish and Squamish Nation Council’s respectively endorsed Option C: New Dike Alignment as the preferred option from Siyich’em Reserve to Aik’wucks Reserve and to continue advancing the Dike Master Plan on that basis.

The Councils also approved resolutions for the project team complete further work to evaluate the feasibility and viability of Option C: New Dike Alignment prior to seeking adoption of the Eagle Viewing Area / Siyich’em Reserve Dike Master Plan.

Further work that will be completed as part of the Dike Master plan includes developing the preferred options in further detail, further evaluating the preferred options, refining cost estimates and completing community engagement.

Future work that was endorsed to be completed beyond completion of the Dike Master Plan includes:

  • Geotechnical - Complete geotechnical drilling investigation along the new dike alignment to evaluate seismic stability and other geotechnical considerations.
  • Stormwater - Complete stormwater study to determine size and function of the future pump station at slough outlet and any other required drainage modifications to facilitate this option.
  • Permitting - It will be required to advance the design to a point of having detailed drawings in order to gain greater certainty from regulators (DFO, MFLNRORD). It is recommended to advance the design in order to further engage with regulators to determine whether the project can receive permitting.
  • Land Tenure – It is recommended to engage in discussions with Squamish Nation’s Rights and Title team to secure access rights for ongoing dike maintenance purposes.

A detailed description and evaluation of options is included in the report to Council

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