Water & Wastewater

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The District of Squamish is responsible for operating and maintaining safe and effective water and wastewater services for our community. Certified staff  ensure our water and wastewater quality exceeds government requirements.

If your concern requires urgent attention from public works, please contact Operations by phone:

During regular business hours, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 604.815.6868

Outside of regular business hours, 604.815.4040

For more information on Water off/on Disconnection Requests, please click here.

croppedimage240140 3.12.1 WaterSystem

Water System

Water source, distribution and conservation for the District of Squamish.

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3.12.1 Wastewater

Wastewater System

The Wastewater Treatment Plant services more than 23,000 people in Squamish every day and treats about…

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pool and hot tub

Residential Hot Tub and Pool Drainage Guidelines

How to drain your pool or hot tub without harming the environment.

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outdoor use feature

Outdoor Water Use Bylaw

Bylaw information on watering plants and outdoor washing.

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