Community Grants

The District of Squamish-funded 2021 grant programs are now closed. 

The District of Squamish funds two annual grant programs administered by partner organizations. 

  1. Community Enhancement Grant - administered by the Squamish Community Foundation; and
  2. Arts and Culture Grant - administered by the Squamish Arts Council.

To view the Grant Reports for 2021, please follow the links below: 

  1. Squamish Community Foundation 2021 Community Enhancement Grant Report
  2. Squamish Arts Council 2021 Arts and Culture Grant Report

Community Enhancement Grant

The Community Enhancement Grant is specifically geared towards projects that seek to enhance the community of Squamish through programming that aligns with the overarching goals of the District of Squamish Official Community Plan including projects related to decolonization and reconciliation, intergenerational programming, neighbourhood connectivity, environment, equity and diversity, physical and mental health, social wellbeing, youth-led initiatives, vulnerable populations and recreation.

Arts and Culture Grant

The Arts & Culture Grant (ACG) is geared towards groups, organizations, or individuals with arts and culture projects comparable to the goals and mandate of the Arts Council. SAC will provide funds to pay specific expenses for approved projects that seek to enhance arts and culture activities in Squamish. Project proposals that are within the framework of arts and culture for Squamish are eligible. The intent of the grant is to provide community enhancement through the lens of arts and/or culture. A broad range of projects will be eligible for support from the ACG, as outlined by the application guidelines and assessment methodology.

Please note that you can either receive the Arts and Culture Grant OR the Community Enhancement Grant. If you believe that your project could feasibly apply to both, please email or to determine which grant you should apply to.

For more information about grant funding opportunities in our community visit and

Community Grant Policy

District of Squamish Council has endorsed a Community Grant Policy that will enable non-profit community groups to administer grant funding. The District has subsequently entered a four-year agreement with the Squamish Community Foundation and Squamish Arts Council to manage and distribute grant funds on behalf of Council beginning in 2021.

The new policy supports the five goals of the District of Squamish Official Community Plan: Liveable, Healthy, Engaged, Connected, and Resilient. Funding will be awarded to non-profit or charitable organizations that propose to enhance the lives of local citizens through the following: 

  • Arts and culture; 
  • Community and neighbourhood events; 
  • Decolonization and reconciliation initiatives; 
  • Intergenerational programming; 
  • Neighbourhood connectivity; 
  • Public space activation; 
  • Environmental stewardship;
  • Social wellbeing; or
  • Youth-led initiatives. 

Click here to view the Community Grant Policy.