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Outdoor Dining Patio Permit



An Outdoor Dining Patio Permit allows for a business to apply for an outdoor dining patio. An Outdoor Dining Patio is an outdoor seating area, open, covered or partially enclosed, directly attached or near an existing restaurant use for the purpose of take out or service seating or dining. Includes curbside, sidewalk and/or private land patios. For all outdoor dining patios, a District of Squamish Business Licence is required before this application will be considered.

Please complete the form and provide any additional information set out in this form, including a required site plan to Please note, applications which involve District-owned land will require a Licence Agreement. If the Applicant is a tenant, then a Landlord approval signature will also be required on this application form.

Temporary Program Update
Current holders of temporary patio permits can continue to operate their temporary patios until June 1, 2022 and must apply with a new application for a permanent patio. 
Outdoor Dining Patio Fees
  • Under 30 total occupancy, indoor and outdoor $175.00(per application)
  • Over 30 total occupancy, indoor and outdoor $300.00(per application)
  • Annual Licence Renewal (District Land only) $50.00 (per year)


For any questions related to the Outdoor Dining Patio Permit, please email

Outdoor Dining Patio Permit Application 


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