Development Variance

A Development Variance Permit (DVP) is a Council-approved variation to the requirements of one of the following three bylaws:

  1. Zoning Bylaw
  2. Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw
  3. Sign Bylaw

A DVP cannot vary permitted use or density – this requires a Zoning Amendment Application.

If you have a project that is consistent with the zone that your project is located in, but there are minor constraints that impact exact compliance with the zone, you may need to consider a Development Variance Permit (or DVP).

Provincial legislation allows municipalities to issue DVP’s for the following:

  • Setbacks
  • Building height or width
  • Minimum lot width or depth
  • Proximity to watercourses
  • Some servicing (i.e. road provision).

Municipalities are prohibited from allowing variances for:

  • Density;
  • Floodplain specifications;
  • A phased development agreements.

Do you think your project needs a variance?

If you have a project you think needs a Development Variance Permit, the best place to start is by preparing a conceptual plan/sketch that illustrates your project, and the variance you think you need. Please include as much detail as possible on your concept plan, including:

  • Total lot area;
  • Existing and proposed structures;
  • Proximity to watercourses (if any);
  • Heights, widths and depths (as relevant);

When you have a concept plan/sketch prepared, please contact a Development Services Clerk at 604-815-5002 or

Find out more about applying for a Development Permit by clicking on Application Guides & Forms below.




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