organizational chart of departments

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Links to contact information for Mayor & Councillors.

Office of the Chief Administrator

Chief Administrative Officer, Linda Glenday, 604.815.5034.

Corporate Services


Director of Communications: Christina Moore, 604.815.5025.

  • Communications
  • Corporate Administration
    • Legislative Services
    • Records Management
    • Information and Privacy
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Library Liaison
  • Real Estate 


Community Development

General Manager Community Planning & Sustainability: Julie Wengi via email.

Department Contact Information:

Senior Director of Community Development: Jonas Velaniskis, 604.815.5017 or via e-mail.

Director of Engineering: Sarah Baillie, 604.815.5012 or via e-mail.

Director of Public Works: James Storey, 604.815.6868 or via e-mail.

Economic Development Officer: Jennifer Stone via e-mail.

  • Community Planning
    • Building Permitting & Inspection
    • Environment
    • Planning
  • Economic Development
  • Engineering
    • Development
    • Capital Projects
    • Transportation
    • Infrastructure Planning
  • Major Projects – Industrial


Financial Services

Chief Financial Officer:  Heather Boxrud, 604.815.5010 or via email

  • Financial Operations
  • Financial Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement


Community Services

General Manager Community Services: Bill Stoner via email.

Director of Recreation Services: Tim Hoskin, 604.898.6887 or via e-mail.

Manager of Sustainability: Ian Picketts, 604.815.4943 or via email.

Community Services include:

  • Climate Change & Sustainability
  • Facilities Planning & Construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Public Works
  • Recreation
    • Arts & Culture

Public Safety

Director of Public Safety: Megan Latimer via e-mail.

  • Bylaw Enforcement and Animal Control
  • Emergency Management Program
  • Police (RCMP)
  • Squamish Fire Rescue

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