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Downtown; Dentville; Government Road to Mamquam Bridge; North Yards; Business Park; SEAandSKY; 7 Peaks; Shannon Estates; The Breeze; Tantalus Crossing; University Heights, above the Mashiter Bridge.

Valleycliffe; Stawamus; Hospital Hill; Timber Town Trailer Court; Wagon Wheel; Willow Crescent; neighbourhoods east of Loggers Lane from the Squamish Adventure Centre to Centennial Way; and neighbourhoods north of the Cheekeye substation, including Paradise Valley and Cheakamus;

Garibaldi Estates; Willow Village; Viresence; Tantalus Road Area; and Kowtain

Garibaldi Highlands; Cheekeye Area

Brackendale; Riverside

All garbage, recycling and organics/yard waste totes shall be accessible to the collector between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the specific collection days. Please ensure 1 meter clearance around your tote so the truck can safely collect it.

Organics are collected first, between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m, with garbage or recycling collected in the afternoon. Please leave your totes out until 5 p.m. or until emptied. The collection pattern is designed to allow animals less time to access unlocked organics totes. 

Household garbage is to be put in the totes with grey lids and recycling in the totes with blue lids, and all organic (food and yard waste) waste in the tote with the green lid, provided by GFL Environmental.

To obtain a tote or to report a broken tote, please email GFL Environmental at with the following information for repairs or exchanges:

  1. Name and telephone number
  2. Full address
  3. Tote type (example: Organics)
  4. What day of the week do you get service for that particular tote
  5. What size is your tote (example: medium - the size of your recycling tote)
  6. Details of damage to the tote (example: hooks need to be repaired, not damage to the lid)

Organics and recycling are collected biweekly, alternating with garbage collection, Please view the schedule for your area. 

Organics, recycling and garbage are collected from the totes using a truck which automatically picks up and empties the totes into the truck.

*PLEASE NOTE: Delays of your curbside residential collection may occur due to road closures, construction, or winter snow or icy conditions. GFL Environmental staff will do their best to ensure regular collection schedules are maintained, however, if we are unable to service your container on your regular collection day, collection will take place on the following day, or as soon as weather and road conditions allow.

Please do not leave totes out overnight.  

Tote safety: If you need to reach into your tote for any reason, please ensure that  the tote will not roll away from you and that the lid is opened fully

Concerned about odours? Please view the odour control tips.


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