Reducing Garbage Odours

There are many causes of garbage odours.   Heat from the environment will increase the odour levels.  Small preventative steps will reduce the emission of nuisance odours from household garbage and in particular garbage that is reaching 14 days old and possibly subject to warm temperatures from the summer climate.

GFL Environmental recommends wrapping the waste (or soiled diaper) in newspaper, placing it in a seperate plastic bag, and tying it off to prevent air from escaping the bag.    This can then be placed in your garbage tote.  

All local retail stores in Squamish carry odour shielding plastic garbage bags designed to minimize odours.

There are also many environmentally safe, off-the-shelf odour absorbers that can assist in eliminating offensive odours.   Air sponges, a few mothbolls in the bottom of your garbage tote or a sprinkle baking soda all help absorb odours.

Other tips:

  • Solids from diapers can be flushed down your toilet.
  • When possible store your garbage tote in a cool and or shaded location
  • Garbage containers should be rinsed out on a regular basis as the plastic will absorb odours.

These actions are independent of each other and can be pursued simultaneously to mitigate garbage odours. 

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