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Amendments to Procedure Bylaw

In accordance with Section 124 of the Community Charter, notice is given that the Council of the District of Squamish will consider adopting “District of Squamish Procedure Bylaw No. 2099, 2009, Amendment Bylaw No. 2838, 2021” at the October 26, 2021 Special Business Meeting.  


View the proposed bylaw.

The amendments to the Procedure Bylaw include the following:

  • Amending part 6.8, related to electronic meetings and electronic participation, by:
    • Amending part 6.8 (i), to include the ability for Regular, Special and Council Committee meeting to be conducted electronically;
    • Amending part 6.8 (ii) to allow the Chair to preside over the Council meeting electronically;
    • Further amending part 6.8 (ii) by removing the requirement that an electronic meeting may only be conducted if the Mayor or Acting Mayor determines there is an emergency involving health or safety of the environment.
    • Amendments to part 6.8 are intended to increase accessibility and create more flexibility, particularly in circumstances where a Council decision is required and Council is unable to meet in person.
  • Part 6.9 related to electronic participation by delegates, is amended to allow members of the public to participate in Council meetings electronically when participating as a delegation, speaking at a hearing, or participating under Unscheduled Public Attendance.
  • Amending part 10.26 related to electronic submissions by the public for hearings, by adding that “Electronic submissions must be sent to and received prior to the close of the hearing”.
  • Amending part 17 related to public hearings, by adding that public hearing may be conducted electronically, in person or as a combination of both in person and electronic.

Correspondence to Council

Correspondence to the Council using or sent to the majority of Council members individually may appear on an upcoming Council meeting Agenda.  Email intended for inclusion on a public hearing matter will be placed on the Agenda and the public is asked to send items to

Please note that it may not be possible for staff or Council to contact senders individually when large numbers of emails on a single topic are received within a short time on a single topic of public interest or concern.


Appearing before Council

Anyone who would like Council to consider an issue must submit a written request providing all relevant details. Requests are to be addressed to Mayor and Council, District of Squamish. If the applicant wishes to attend to speak on the issue, this must be stated in the written request.  Click here for details.


Council Proclamations

Council may issue a proclamation to recognize a non-profit organization or charitable organization or cause on a specific day, week or month that has District-wide importance to Squamish.

The District of Squamish Procedure Bylaw requires a local representative to attend the Council meeting at which time Council will consider the proclamation. Delegations are permitted up to five minutes per proclamation request.

For a proclamation request, please contact the Legislative Services Department at 604.815.5005 or by email.

Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Preview a Council Meeting Agenda to see what Council will be discussing at the next meeting or take a look at what was on a previous agenda.

Council and Committee meetings are recorded and archives are available on this website. Regular Business Meetings are aired on ShawTV Friday and Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

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