Emergency Operations Centre

Our dedicated Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs) are designed to act as coordination and communications centres for any large emergency or disaster events that impact Squamish.  The District of Squamish Comprehensive Emergency Plan outlines how our community prepares for, responds to, and recovers from major emergencies and disasters.

During emergencies, the EOC will:

  • Coordinate resource requests from the site(s), establish priorities, and resolve any conflicting demands for support
  • Manage non-site activities
  • Coordinate and liaise with federal, provincial, and other local governments as well as other agencies involved in the response
  • Prepare and disseminate emergency public information to inform, alert, and warn the public
  • Prepare official press releases and schedule press conferences
  • Analyze and evaluate data and maintain maps, display boards, and other data required for emergency operations
  • Disseminate damage information and other essential data
  • Plan for the continuance of government

The level of Emergency Operations Centre staffing varies with each specific emergency.  Squamish Emergency Program staff and volunteers, as well as municipal staff, regularly test the activation, set-up, and operation of the EOC to ensure its constant readiness and effectiveness.


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