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Building Permit

  • I have a general question, who should I talk to?

    The new Building Permit Guide provides you with information and resources required to apply for a Building Permit. If you have any further questions about your project, prior to submitting your application please email building@squamish.ca, or visit Municipal Hall to speak with a Development Services’ Clerk.

  • How do I obtain a Building Permit?

    To apply for a Building Permit, you must submit a Building Permit Application Form along with all of the required documentation. Visit Building Permits for an overview and Application Guides, Forms & Resources for the Building Permit Kit.

  • What is the zoning for my property?

    To confirm your property zone, use the Parcel & Land Use Map To confirm the heights and setbacks for your zone, refer to the Zoning Bylaw.

  • How much does a permit cost?

    You are required to pay a $90, non-refundable, Building Permit Application Processing Fee when you submit your application. Your Building Permit Fee is calculated based on the Building Permit Fees and Additional Charges section outlined in the Building Bylaw

  • What are DCCs and will I have to pay DCCs on my Building Permit?

    The Province of British Columbia defines Development Cost Charges as follows: Land development often leads to an increase in the demand for sewer, water, drainage, parks and roads. Development cost charges (DCC's) are monies that the District collects from land developers to offset that portion of the costs related to the increased demand on services and infrastructure that are created as a direct result of new development. Land developers pay DCCs instead of the existing taxpayers who are not creating additional demands on infrastructure. DCCs are applied as one-time charges against residential, commercial, industrial and institutional  developments. They are collected from land developers at the time of subdivision approval or at the time of issuing a Building Permit. DCCs may apply to your project and are subject to change. Please refer to the Development Cost Charges Bylaw for current rates. If you have any questions about these charges and whether they apply to your project, please contact the Development Services Department.

  • How can I pay for my building permit?

    You pay for the balance or your Building Permit when you collect it from Municipal Hall. Building Permit fees are paid in cash, cheque, debit or money order payable to the Regional District of Squamish. We do not accept credit card payment.

  • Do I need a permit for a deck or garden shed?

    Sheds that are a maximum of 10 m2 (107 ft2) do not require a Building Permit. Minimum setbacks to property lines still apply and will depend on property zoning. Sheds larger than 10 m2 (107 ft2) require a permit.

    If the deck structure is 2 ft or greater in height, setbacks must be met and a Building Permit is required for ALL decks. If you are unsure about a specific project, please contact our office.

  • Where can I get a copy of the building code?

    Visit the Queen’s Printer website to purchase a copy of the 2012 BC Building Code.

  • How and when can I book building inspections?

    To book a building inspection please call 604.815.6872. Inspections are held Monday to Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

    While we do our best to keep wait times to a minimum, during high volume periods the first available inspection date may be up to 5 business days away. 

  • What building inspections are required?

    For the complete list of required building inspections, please refer to the Master Building Inspection List.

  • How long is a building permit good for?

    An application shall be cancelled and the Building Permit Application Fee forfeited if the Building Permit has not been issued and the permit fee paid within 60 calendar days of the date of written notification to the Owner that the permit is ready to be issued. Furthermore, a Building Permit will expire and the rights of the Owner (under the permit) will terminate if:

    • the work authorized by the permit is not commenced within six months from the date of issuance of the permit; or
    • work is discontinued for a period of twelve months.

    IMPORTANT: When an application is cancelled, the plans and related documents submitted with the application may be destroyed.


  • How & when do I get my off-site services installed?

    You are required to have services (water, sanitary, and storm) connected to your property line prior to the issuance of your Building Permit. To confirm existing services, contact the Engineering Department at 604.815.5012, or visit Municipal Hall. 

    Once your Building Permit application is submitted, if your lot is not pre-serviced appropriately, you will be required to pay a fee to initiate the installation of service connections to your property line. If existing services are insufficient for the proposed construction, District Staff will determine any additional upgrades and costs prior to the commencement of work. Single Unit Dwelling water upgrades are determined by assessing the fixture count and projected water use. More complex building projects vary in upgrade requirements. 

    Please reference the Guide for more information on servicing.

  • How do I find out more about Fire Requirements and is there a map I can view that would show if I am within the 10 minute response time?

    Please refer to the Spatial Separation Fire Requirements within the Building Requirements & Inspections section of the Building Guide.  Please refer to the "Fire Department 10 minute Response Areas map".