Brennan Park Recreation Centre

The District of Squamish has received funding through the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings program (Infrastructure Canada) to make improvements to Brennan Park Recreation Centre.

The federally-funded Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (GICB) program aims to build more community buildings and improve existing infrastructure – particularly in areas where the population is experiencing higher needs while also making the buildings more energy efficient with lower carbon emissions, more resilient, and higher performing.


The District of Squamish sought funding for the start of a deep energy retrofit, facility upgrades for better community accessibility, and an interior renovation for Squamish’s main recreation complex.

  • Project Estimate: $16.3M
  • Grant Funded: $11.7M
  • Timing: Planning and design to start Q4 2022 and construction to start Q2 2023

Grant website Infrastructure Canada - Applicant Guide

Scope of Work

Green Retrofit

  • Ice arena and pool heating/cooling major reclaim system upgrades
  • Ice arena roof insulation replacement
  • HEPA filter install
  • Staged landscaping to include a no water garden, bee friendly plants, solar lighting

New Construction

  • New customer service area 3,900sqft
  • New elevator for second floor access

Construction Retrofit

  • Renovation of second floor mezzanine into fitness/program room with adaptable equipment
  • Renovation of ice rink change rooms
  • Renovation of lobby

Green building practices will be utilized to minimize deconstruction/construction waste, enhance stormwater management, reduce water use, increase daylight and reduce energy use.


This work is aimed to enhance equity through gender neutral washrooms, signage that promotes inclusive language and safe spaces for LGBTQ youth. Access is also enhanced via a new elevator to the upper level, new maps/sign guides, footpath lighting, wider doors, accessible counter heights and power door access to changes rooms.

Next Steps
  • Project team engagement
  • Detail scope of work
  • Project schedule
  • Schematic design
  • Staged construction

Brennan Park Recreation Centre will continue to operate during the renovations however there will be some impact to programs and community use. Once the project team is engaged and scope of work is completed in detail, the community will be notified of the projects timing, detailed suitability measures and operational impacts.

This is the first of many projects slated for Brennan Park Recreation Centre. It forms the first stage of long term plan that is inline with the Real Estate and Facilities Master Plan (REFMP) and is only a small portion of work required for the Centre.

The scope of work must follow grant requirements, which have strict guidelines of what can be built under this grant platform. The District has worked within this guideline, plus the REFMP, to determine the scope of work. Projects such as a new pool or ice rink do not fall within this grant guideline, however the District continues to plan these longer term projects (inline with the REMFP).

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