Graffiti 1

Graffiti 1


What is graffiti?

According to the British Columbia Crime Prevention Assocations, graffiti is any writing, drawing or symbol applied to any surface without consent of the property owner or their agent.

The impact of graffiti

Left unmanaged, graffiti can negatively impact a community’s perception of safety, quality of life, reputation, and its property values. In business areas, it can increase the fear of crime and reduce sales.

The importance of managing graffiti

Prompt removal of graffiti can help deter graffiti vandals. They are not likely to waste time and materials if they know their work will be removed quickly.

Tips for keeping a building from becoming a graffiti target

  • Remove graffiti promptly. Graffiti vandals are unlikely to return to locations that do not offer a good return for their efforts.
  • Move objects such as vehicles, dumpsters and ladders away from buildings to deter taggers from getting onto rooftops.
  • Install motion sensor lighting to discourage vandals from tagging in the dark.

Help stop graffiti

If you witness graffiti or have information about graffiti suspects, please contact Bylaw Enforcement or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-222-TIPS (8477). Pictures are always helpful.

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