Event Locations

The following municipal parks and facilities are commonly booked for events.

IMPORTANT: All occupancy numbers are based on an open area with no infrastructure, fencing, alcohol service, or fire safety hazards. As most events include at least some infrastructure (e.g. tents), final allowable occupancy must be confirmed and approved by Squamish Fire Rescue.

Junction Park (also referred to as U Siyam Park or Pavilion Park)

OSiyam cropped

  • Address:  37950 Cleveland Ave, Downtown Squamish
  • Allowable Occupancy:  Maximum 3,000 people (occupancy will vary depending on event infrastructure and programming)
  • Park Facilities:  Public washrooms (4 women's stalls, 2 men's stalls) with disabled access are available in the Squamish Arts Council Building located in the centre of the park. They may be opened on request for after hours' events. Power outlets are located throughout the park. Power and a talent "green room" is also available at U Siyam Pavilion.
  • Park Booking Fee:  No fee for Junction Park, however, the cost to rent the U Siyam Pavilion (located on the south end of the park) is $144 plus GST per day.
  • Site Map:  Download a site map of the park that you can use to build your event site map.
Stan Clarke Park
  • Address:  37950 Second Ave, Downtown Squamish
  • Allowable Occupancy:  Maximum 2,000 people (occupancy will vary depending on event infrastructure and programming)
  • Park Facilities:  Although there are no public washrooms located in this park, public washrooms (including disabled access) are available in Junction Park directly across Cleveland Ave.  Power outlets are available throughout the park.
  • Park Booking Fee:  No fee
Rose Park & Lily's Garden

Rose Park2

  • Address:  38400 Loggers Lane (located near the Squamish Adventure Centre)
  • Allowable Occupancy:  Maximum 3,000 people (occupancy will vary depending on event infrastructure and programming). Rose Park includes Lily's Garden and four grassed areas; each area may hold approx. 500-750 people).
  • Park Facilities:  There are no public washrooms or power outlets for public use located in this park. Public washrooms are available during business hours at the Squamish Adventure Centre (across Loggers Lane).
  • Park Booking Fee:  No fee
Smoke Bluffs Park
  • Address:  1990 Smoke Bluff Road (off Loggers Lane)
  • Allowable Occupancy:  To be determined based on location in park and type of event. Please contact the Film & Events Department to discuss your event.
  • Park Facilities:  There are couple of basic public washroom facilities (outhouses) located in the park. There are no power outlets.
  • Park Booking Fee: No fee
Brennan Park Recreation Centre
  • Address:  1009 Centennial Way (at Loggers Lane)
  • Allowable Occupancy:  Occupancy varies depending on the room and field. Contact events@squamish.ca for occupancy numbers.
  • Facilities:  Facilities available at the Recreation Centre include public washrooms, showers, water and power, tables and chairs, and a full kitchen. Depends on availability, and fees may apply.
  • Facility Booking Fees:  Booking fees vary depending on the room and field. Contact events@squamish.ca for rates.
  • Site Maps:  Download site maps for the Arena and the Stawamus Chief Auditorium. Contact events@squamish.ca for site maps of other spaces at Brennan Park.

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