Official Community Plan (OCP) Amendment Bylaw No. 2385, 2015

The Bylaw is officially cited as the “District of Squamish OCP Bylaw 2100, 2009, Amendment Bylaw (Squamish Oceanfront Peninsula Sub Area Plan) No. 2385, 2015”.  The purpose of the OCP Amendment bylaw is to resolve inconsistencies identified within the Oceanfront Sub Area Plan (SAP), which forms Schedule N of the District’s Official Community Plan, ensuring consistency between the Zoning and the OCP. 

The Sub Area Plan was developed with extensive public input, and establishes the objectives and policies for the development of the Oceanfront lands, including land uses, densities, and built form.  Several inconsistencies have been identified within the SAP between the policy language used throughout the plan and the more detailed Schedules, making it difficult to reconcile the intent of the plan with the differing permissions set out in the policy.  In order to resolve the inconsistencies, and to provide greater flexibility for the project to respond to market changes over the 20+ year build out timeframe, an amendment to the SAP was requested.

The proposed SAP Amendment would allow Council, at its discretion, to consider rezoning requests that may involve future shifting of some of the proposed areas of the prescribed lands use ‘Blocks’, subject to complying with the SAP principles and a number of conditions to honour the purposes and intent of the SAP.  Specifically, should this proposed SAP amendment be approved, future rezoning by Council could shift the land use block boundaries, without necessarily triggering a further OCP Amendment, so long as the existing gross floor area for each use is honored.

The proposed SAP Amendment protects the Oceanfront Park and public open spaces, including the waterfront walkway.

Council approved the first reading of the bylaw on April 28th, and the second reading of the bylaw on May 12th, 2014, and held a public hearing on June 16, 2015.

  • View the OCP Amendment Bylaw - Click here or visit Municipal Hall
  • See the report to Council - Click here or visit Municipal Hall
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