Parking Regulations


  • "Highway" includes a street, road, lane, sidewalk, bridge, viaduct and any other way open to public use, other than a private right of way on private property.
  • "Traffic control signal" means a traffic control device, whether manually, electrically or mechanically operated, by which traffic is directed to stop and to proceed.
  • "Stopping" even temporarily, has the same meaning as being parked.

Parking when there is no signage

Not all parking rules in the District of Squamish require signs. The Traffic Control Bylaw 2220 enforces street and highway regulations, when applicable, where signs are not present.

Issuing Traffic Violation Tickets

Traffic violation tickets may be issued without a previous warning. Drivers are expected to know both provincial and municipal traffic regulations.


The District may  have vehicles towed when necessary and without notice. When parking violations affect public safety, vehicle impoundment may be immediate.

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The following are a few examples of violations where vehicles may be impounded:

  • More than 72 hours

    It is a bylaw violation to stop, stand or park a vehicle on any highway for a continuous period exceeding seventy-two (72) hours (Section 5.1(j)).

  • Too close to a traffic control signal or intersection

    Within 6 metres of any traffic control signal located at the intersection of any highway and within 11 metres of the prolongation of the curb lines at an intersection or, if none, within 11 metres of the prolongation of the edges of pavement of the two highways which join one another; (As amended by Bylaw No. 2681)

  • Within or less than 6 metres from a crosswalk

  • Within an intersection or roundabout

    It is a bylaw violation to park within any highway intersection or roundabout. Section 6.1(b)

  • Too close to a fire hydrant

    It is a bylaw violation to park within five (5) metres of a fire hydrant. Section 6.1(c).

    Do not block hydrant2

  • Too close to a driveway

    It is a bylaw violation to park in front of or within 1.5 metres of any lane or private driveway. Section 6.1(d)

    Do not block driveway

  • Obstructing traffic flow

    It is a bylaw violation to park in a position that obstructs or interferes with the normal flow of traffic. Section 6.1(g)

  • Too close to a crosswalk

    It is a bylaw violation to park within six (6) metres of a pedestrian crosswalk. Section 6.1(j)


    6m of cross walk

  • In a cycle lane

    It is a bylaw violation to park on any portion of a highway that is marked or indicated by surface markings or other traffic control device as a cycle lane.

  • Uninsured vehicles

  • Unaffixed trailer, boat or camper

    It is a bylaw violation to park a trailer, boat or a camper unaffixed from an insured vehicle. Section 6.1 (aa).

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