Emergency Program


Keeping our community safe and prepared to respond and recover from emergencies.

How the District is Preparing

The Emergency Program is responsible for coordinating procedures to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from large-scale emergencies. Emergency Program staff work in partnership with local first response agencies and District departments to develop and implement plans and programs to protect the community during disasters. 

Our dedicated Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is designed to act as a coordination and communications centre for any large emergency or disaster events that impact Squamish. The municipality's emergency planning structure is outlined in our Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan which encompasses the District's Community Risk Assessment report (2015) and the All Hazards Plan.



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Be Prepared

Emergencies and disasters are unpredictable and can happen without warning. Learn how you and your family can be prepared.

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Know the Hazards

Understand Squamish's main hazards and learn what to do in this type of emergency.





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Response & Recovery

Recovering from a disaster is usually a gradual process. If assistance is available, knowing how to access it makes the process faster and less stressful.

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