Responsible Recreation


Keeping you safe and protecting our local environment are two things we want to ensure while you're visiting Squamish. Please read on!


Play Safe, Be Prepared

Squamish’s vast terrain can present hazards if you are unprepared.

  • Pay attention on the trails.
  • Carry a map.
  • Know the difference between Green, Blue, Black and Double Black trails.
  • Check features before riding or climbing them.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • Carry water, food and a cell phone.
  • Tell someone where you’re going and when you expect to be home.


We're in Their Home

Bears and other wildlife are attracted to discarded or unsecured food.

  • Never leave food or garbage out, or feed wildlife.
  • Secure food and coolers in a vehicle or bear cache (located at some Recreation Sites).
  • Pack out your garbage or dispose in a bear proof bin.
  • Never approach wildlife to take photos. Give them space.


Pack it in, Pack it out

With thousands of people recreating, the impact from waste left behind is significant.

  • Pack out what you pack in.
  • Dig a hole (100m away from water, trails or camps) to bury toilet paper and human waste if washroom facilities are not available.


Protect our Forests

The many people recreating in our region create a dangerous scenario for forest fires.

  • Be aware of fire bans.
  • Don’t light fires on flammable materials such as tree roots or grass.
  • Use stones to create a fire ring.
  • Never leave a campfire unless 100% extinguished.
  • Have water on hand to douse a fire.
  • Be aware that winds pick up quickly.


Use Designated Facilities

Within District of Squamish boundaries, camp in a designated campground only.
Search online for locations:

Drop off garbage and recycling at the landfill (Landfill Road, off Squamish Valley Road near Highway 99).

Find other resources:


Enjoy Nature

Recreationists of all types love to explore Squamish, and whether on two wheels, two feet, on horseback, water, or with a motor, we’re all out there for the same reason – our love of the outdoors.

  • Be courteous and friendly.
  • Give each other space.
  • If in doubt let the other person go first.
  • Keep music to yourself.



(including backcountry emergencies)

Report a Wildfire 1.800.663.5555 *5555 on your cell
Police (non-emergency) 604.892.6100
RAPP line to report wildlife concerns or other natural resource violations.
Online form:
or #7277 on a Telus Network cellphone.


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