Winter Parking

To improve safety during winter, parking will only be allowed on one side of the street where indicated to provide access to snow plows and emergency vehicles. 

What you should know:

  • Between December 1 and March 1, No Parking will be enforced on one side of the street where indicated by signage.
  • District of Squamish Bylaw Enforcement Officers will focus on education and provide warnings to anyone parking in a restricted area. However, vehicles parking on the No Parking side of the street may be ticketed and towed at any time to ensure community safety. The fine for impeding snow removal is $250.
  • The program will be reviewed regularly in terms of which streets have parking restrictions, based on learnings each season.

Affected streets:

  • Hemlock Avenue - Cedar Drive to Spruce Drive
  • Chestnut Avenue - Cedar Drive to Spruce Drive
  • Fir Street - Pine Drive to Spruce Dr.
  • 3rd Avenue - Pemberton Avenue to Vancouver Street (No parking on West side)
  • 4th Avenue -  Winnipeg Street to Main Street  (No parking on West side)
  • 5th Avenue - Winnipeg Street to Main Street.  (No parking on West side)
  • 6th Avenue - Entire street. (No parking on West side)
  • Eaglewind Boulevard - No perimeter parking near the roundabout at the end of Pemberton Avenue
  • Edgewater Drive - Government Road to Edgewater Crescent (No parking on East side)
  • Edgewater Crescent - Entire street.  (No parking on the outside perimeter of the Crescent)
  • No Name Road - Entire street.  (No parking on East side)
  • Brother Place - Entire street. (No parking on South side)
  • Britannia Avenue - Magee Street to Buckley Avenue.  (No parking on West side)
  • Harris Road - Government Road to cul-de-sac (No parking on South side)
  • Hope Road - Depot Road to Axen Road (No parking on East side)
  • Diamond Road- Tantalus Road to Garibaldi Way.  No parking on North side.
  • Diamond Head Road - Garibaldi Way to Mamquam Road- No parking on West side. 
  • Glacier View Drive - Entire street.  No parking on the outside perimeter.

Neighbourly Reminders:

  • The street is public property, and so the street side where parking is allowed can be utilized by residents who live on either side of the street.
  • Parking is not permitted within 1.5 metres of a driveway. Please be considerate of others when and where you park. Read our Good Neighbour Guidelines at


Why were these parking restrictions implemented?

The winter of 2021/2022 saw challenges from on-street parking that impacted the District’s ability to effectively clear snow on some streets. This left residents vulnerable to safety-related issues, including concerns that emergency vehicles were unable to access homes. This was extremely concerning to us.

The issues arose from on-street parking on both sides of the street, preventing plows from being able to access the street and clear the snow. During operational reviews following this snow event, policy and bylaw changes were recommended by staff and approved by Council. View the report to Council here

How can residents help?

We are hopeful that residents (both homeowners and tenants) can make efforts to utilize garages and driveways as much as possible to alleviate street congestion to help solve this problem. That may not be possible for every vehicle, but we’re asking residents to make every effort to be part of the solution. Not being able to get a plow down a street is a problem we must work together to solve.

Where can I park?

Parking will still be available on one side of the street or on adjacent streets as indicated. We are encouraging residents to park in their garages and driveways where possible to create additional spaces.



General inquiries:, 604-815-6868

Report a bylaw infraction:, 604-815-5067

After-hours emergency: 604-815-4040


Related Policies and Bylaws:

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  • Tareef Dedhar Dec 27, 2022, 1:08 PM (17 months ago)

    I fully support this, and in fact feel it should go even further. Right now, the abberatively high temperatures and rain are clearing things out, but parked cars on the road in winter make for basically half the lanes, and snowplow crunch sticks around for way longer than untouched snow.

    In most cities in Canada, one simply cannot park on the road in winter, full stop. Either you're lucky to get ticketed/towed, or get destroyed by the plows. I think we need to aim for this, and deal with the admittedly poor planning of allowing homes to be built with street parking as an assumption on a case-by-case basis. Climate change and extreme weather aren't going away, and we should expect "real winter" to become more of a mainstay.

  • Eric Dec 6, 2022, 5:54 PM (18 months ago)

    While I understand the difficulty with snow removal due to street parking, downtown is already struggling with parking as many houses don't have driveways or garages and are split between four or more adults with cars due to the cost of living. This policy is effectively removing half the parking downtown, and those cars which are being displaced don't have anywhere to go. It also seems unnecessary to remove parking for the entire winter, when there may only be a handful of significant snowfalls.

  • Dan Dec 3, 2022, 4:33 PM (18 months ago)

    Restricting parking this severely all winter just in case it snows is serious overkill. You've removed 20+ spots on 5th in a zone that's already struggling to sustain the demand. You've also put the signs on both sides of the road, sometimes on the side that would have left more parking available.

  • Angus Dec 2, 2022, 9:57 AM (18 months ago)

    Good work! This has been needed for a long time.

  • George Dec 1, 2022, 3:51 PM (18 months ago)

    Almost no communication except for an envolope left on our door step 2 days ago. You have now removed a significant number of residential parking spots. Not everyone has driveways, some have kids and groceries to bring inside and now no where to park close to their house. Where are all of these cars even supposed to park? When was the public review of of this? Will you be introducing resident parking stickers on side streets with 2hr parking so we can park overnight? So thoughtless

  • Lee O'Callaghan Dec 1, 2022, 1:50 PM (18 months ago)

    I see you're unfairly targeting Valleycliffe again. Do we need to have another petition and a thousand emails sent your way?

  • Dave Nov 29, 2022, 4:54 PM (18 months ago)

    This is a stupid idea. Leaving a letter the day before it is in effect is stupid as well. And poor leadership. Bad communication. Bad idea. Nice work city hall. New mayor is killing it so far.

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