Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services coordinates the acquisition, disposition and leasing of Real Estate on behalf of the District of Squamish with the intent of maximizing the financial returns and utilization of all land and buildings to the benefit of the community. 

Are you interested in using District Property (land that is not part of the EOI below)? Please complete this form: 

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The District of Squamish is seeking Expressions of Interest to utilize District lands. 

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The District of Squamish:

  • Owns 18 buildings totalling over 208,568 square feet on 115 acres.
  • Owns 9 vacant sites totaling over 50 acres.
  • Leases 5 sites to third parties totaling over 290 acres.
  • Leases 7 sites from third parties totaling over 85 acres.
  • Has a total of 34 leases with third parties on District of Squamish lands.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Building and Land dispositions/acquisitions
  • Building and Land leasing
  • Land Exchanges
  • Road Closures
  • Strategic Projects
  • Right-of-ways/easements for District of Squamish interests
  • Internal departments support

For further information on the process followed for each, please contact Real Estate Services.

Guiding Principles

  1. Use District Policy Documents to guide potential acquisitions and dispositions.
  2. Follow an Open Process when disposing of an interest in District-owned land.
  3. Maximize Revenue Generation and Job Creation through portfolio management.
  4. No Speculation/Development by the District on District-owned lands.
  5. Secure Acquisitions Through Rezoning First, if possible.
  6. Secure Acquisitions Through Sponsored Crown Grants, if possible.
  7. Pursue Strategic Acquisitions to enhance existing District-owned lands.
  8. Explore Enhancing Sale Proceeds prior to disposing of District-owned lands.
  9. Consider Secondary Benefits when disposing of District-owned lands.
  10. Support Community Groups by providing District-owned land at a nominal fee.

Council Report - Real Estate Strategy - Guiding Principles - June 12, 2012


The Squamish Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport with a 732 m (2,400ft) runway located about 8 km (5.0 mi) from downtown Squamish.  It is managed by Real Estate Services and is used for charter services, private aircraft, flying clubs, and other commercial activities. 

Airport Park Tree Removal2

The following fees are applicable at the airport:

Tie Down Fees 

  Aircraft < 2,000kg Aircraft >2,000-5,000kg
Daily $7 $10
Monthly $60 $70
Yearly $520 $640



Neil Plumb
Real Estate Manager

Nav Gill
Portfolio Administrator