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During an emergency, you and your family need to be prepared to be self-sufficient at home for an extended period of time.  You may also need to evacuate on short notice.  In order to be ready for either of these scenarios, you should prepare a 72-Hour Household Emergency Kit, as well as Grab & Go Bags for each of your household members, in advance. 

72-Hour Household Emergency Kit

In the event of an emergency or disaster, roads may be closed, and emergency services stretched beyond capacity. It is important that you and your family are able to go at least 72 hours (and ideally a week) at home without outside assistance.

Watch this video on how to prepare your own 72-hour Household Emergency Kit.  

Most of the items you need to create an Emergency Kit are basic camping and outdoors supplies, which many people in Squamish already have in their homes.  Gather and organize your emergency supplies now so that you are ready when disaster strikes. 



Here is a detailed checklist for what should be included in your 72-hour Household Emergency Kit.

Grab & Go Bags

If you have to leave your home immediately during an emergency, you need a Grab & Go bag to see you through the next 12-24 hours. Personalize Grab & Go bags for each member of your family, including infants and pets. Store your supplies in a backpack so you are free to carry other items, hold a child’s hand or assist someone else. If you have mobility issues, use a bag on wheels or make a plan with your friends and family for assistance.  Consider what you can comfortably carry. Always remember to take your cell phone with you.  

Other Emergency Kits You'll Need

In addition to the family emergency kit, you should consider making these additional kits: 

  • Vehicle emergency kit — When an emergency happens you may be in your car and not able to return home, so you need to have supplies to help sustain you and keep you comfortable
  • Workplace emergency kit — Being safe at work will help ensure you can return home to help your family during an emergency 
  • Pet emergency kit — If you need to evacuate, you should take your pets with you, so make sure you're prepared to care for them

Ready to start creating your emergency kits? Visit these online resources to get started.

 Download these checklists: 
















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