Field FAQs

How do I book a field for Individual Bookings?
For single (individual) bookings, contact to inquire about availability.

How do I book a field for Field User Organizations?
Regular scheduled bookings are prioritized according to our Field Allocation Policy but to summarize, consider the following priority for use of facilities and parks:

  1. Department programs and events.
  2. Community programs and events.
  3. Individual or group sponsored events of a commercial nature.
  4. Individual or groups sponsored events, commercial or otherwise
    by non-residents.

Established user groups receive first consideration on booking requests, per the following:

  1. Youth User Group applicable for that Field
  2. Youth User Group season applicable for that Field (i.e. Ball spring/summer)
  3. Squamish Youth field sports
  4. Squamish Adult field sports
  5. Non-Resident field sport users

For more information on Field Allocation including pertinent dates visit Field Allocation

How do I see what Fields are available?
An account is required to view facility availability. If you need to set up an account contact

Organizations can check for field availability by logging into the Organization’s account, if you do not have an account one will need to be created.

 How do Field User Organizations request Field Lining and Baseball Mounds?  Request from Organizations for Field Lining and Baseball Mounds take place each season and are emailed to the Operations department. Deadlines are set at each Field User Meeting as operational times may vary from year to year. Please click here for the request form.

My booking is at night, how do I arrange field lighting, if I am a field user organization?
Field User Groups must designate a single member who will be authorized to control the lights remotely via the web. Contact to learn more about access to field light bookings.

How do I book lights as single (individual) Booking?
For private rentals, lights must be scheduled and paid for ahead of time by contacting

Sufficient lead time (typically at least 48hrs) is required; we recommend arranging lights at the same time the field booking is made.

How do I cancel a Booking?
Cancellations can be made by email or calling 604-898-3604. Refunds are subject to the Fees and Charges Bylaw 2836,2021

Cancellations five (5) full calendar days (120 hours) or more before the rental start time receive a 100% refund.

Cancellations two to four (2-4) full calendar days (48-120 hours) before the rental start time receive a 50% refund.

Cancellations less than two (2) calendar days (48 hours) before the rental start time receive no refund.

How are Field Closures Determined?
When deciding whether to CLOSE a field, Parks staff consider the safety and playability of the field, as well as potential damage it could suffer due to play in poor conditions or during growing season.  If staff determine that a field is CLOSED due to poor conditions, this field will not be available for use until a subsequent inspection is carried out by designated District of Squamish staff.

For Field Status and updates please visit the following link:

Scheduled closures for maintenance and special events can be viewed on the Field Allocation webpage.

Do you clear snow on the Artificial Turf?
In short, we do not clear snow from the turf field. Snow clearing has the potential to damage the turf, by cutting the fibres and removing crumb rubber, which affects its integrity and shortens its life. There’s also a riparian area surrounding the field, so crumb containment becomes an issue. The answer will always be no.

Do you have Field House Changerooms?
Yes, we have changerooms at the Centennial Field House – the building is in front of Field 4 – The changerooms consist of men’s changerooms with showers and women’s changerooms with showers and one accessibility washroom/changeroom. The changerooms are locked and should be booked if it outside the weekend Regular Field Play hours. 

How to book Centennial Field House Changerooms?
Centennial Field House Changerooms should be booked at the time of the booking, if it needs to be booked after the original contract please contact and indicate the time of booking your request for changerooms.

Are There Public Washrooms at the Fields?

Centennial Field/Ball Field 5 & 6
There are also public washrooms facing the parking lot of the Field House that is open year round.

Hours of Field House Public Washrooms are Dawn to Dusk. 

There are also public washrooms at Brennan Park Recreation Centre.

Hendrickson Field/Artificial Turf Field
There are portable toilets at Hendrickson Field and at the Artificial Turf Field – portable toilets are there year-round.

Is there a Concession Stand at Centennial Fields or Hendrickson Fields?
There is no concession stand at Centennial Fields or at Hendrickson, if you are looking to sell food or beverages including alcohol you need to inquire at the time of booking with a Booking Coordinator representative. Food Trucks that are registered with the District of Squamish can also be used for Food Service.  Please contact

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