Residential Utility Services-Your Connection


As a homeowner, you are responsible for the water service from your house to your property line.  The curbside connection valve is District of Squamish property and is located on the property line and attaches your connection to the watermain.

Why is there a fee to turn my water on/off?

When turning your water service on or off at the curbside connection, accidents and breakage of components can occur.  During a water on/off callout, municipal operations staff conduct an inspection of several features connected to the residential water service in preparation for any breakage situation.  This inspection includes the operation and cleaning of adjacent valves to prepare for a situation where a leak needs to be contained. The sooner a break can be turned off the less potential there is for damage to people and property.

Liability.  If a break occurs to the curbside connection when the water service is turned off/on by a municipal operator, it is up to municipal staff to repair with no charge to the homeowner.

Costs associated with breaks in water services that occur due to homeowner tampering with the municipal portion of the water service are 100% borne by the homeowner. This includes repairs to any property, private and public, that the damage may cover. 

Water OFF/ON form

See our Fees and Charges Bylaw for more information: View our bylaw library.


Homeowners are reponsible for the sanitary service from their house to the  sewer main for blockages.  As the homeowner is in control of what goes into the sewer from the house, any obstruction is the homeowner's responsibility. If a blockage or break arises from "structural" issues, these will be repaired by Municipal works staff.


If you notice that the watermain, sewer, or storm drain is being replaced on your street, this is a great time have your connections inspected by a qualified plumber to check to see that they are in good condition, and working properly.

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