100 Years of Squamish History

2014 was a year to remember as community groups came  together to plan the commemoration and celebration of 100 years of Squamish history during this milestone year. In 2014, Squamish celebrated one hundred years since the name ‘Squamish’ was adopted, the original townsite of Squamish (today’s downtown area) was completed, and when provincial legislation passed to pave the way for the town’s incorporation.

The District of Squamish also celebrated the 50th anniversary of its incorporation in 2014, marking the amalgamation of Squamish with Brackendale and Mamquam in 1964.

One hundred years ago, the town’s name officially changed from Newport to Squamish and the town site of Squamish (today’s downtown) was completed.

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      newport to squamish name change thumb2

That same week, an Act to incorporate Squamish received Royal Assent on March 4, 1914.

act summary thumb3

Act to Incorporate the City of Squamish - Tuesday, March 3, 1914 (summary)
Act to incorporate the City of Squamish Tuesday, March 3, 1914. (full)

Squamish would wait another 34 years until 1948 for actual incorporation as the Village of Squamish.

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1948 thumb1949 thumb

1948 Letters Patent
1949 Letters Patent


The year 1914 also marked significant milestones in the railway construction, with track being laid north from Cheakamus, and the completion of a new deep sea dock to accommodate rail barges and large vessels. By fall of that year, Squamish was connected north by rail as far as Pemberton.

7 Deepsea Dock thumbflyer 1 thumbflyer 2 thumb1914 smoke bluffs thumb2



Fifty years ago, on December 15, 1964, Squamish, Brackendale and Mamquam amalgamated into a new District Municipality of Squamish.

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1964 letters patent thumb

1964 Letters Patent

For a more comprehensive look at Squamish's history, please visit the following resources online:


Chairmen and Mayors

1948 - 1949
George Stanley Clarke, Chairman

1950 (January to July)
J.R. Morrison, Chairman

1950 - 1955
George Stanley Clarke, Chairman

1956 - 1959
J.F. Jacobsen, Chairman

1960 - 1961
S.R. Bishop, Chairman


 Brennan thumb

Patrick J. Brennan
1962 - 1964 - Chairman
1965 - 1968 - Reeve
1969 – 1974 - Mayor

 stewart thumb 1975 – 1976
David D. Stewart, Mayor
 Brennan thumb2 1977 – 1979 (spring)
Patrick J. Brennan, Mayor
 boscariol thumb2 1979 (spring) - 1980 (full)
Isidoro L. Boscariol, Mayor
 elliott thumb 1980 (November) – 1984
W.J. Elliott, Mayor
 tobus thumb2 1984 (November) – 1988
Egon H. Tobus, Mayor
 turner thumb 1988 (December)  – 1990
Phil A. Turner, Mayor
 tobus thumb3 1990 (December)  – 1993
Egon H. Tobus, Mayor
 lonsdale thumb 1993 (December) – 2002
Corinne Lonsdale, Mayor
 ian thumb 2003 – 2008
Ian Sutherland, Mayor
 Greg Gardner 2008 – 2011
Gregory K. Gardner, Mayor

Kirkham thumb

2011 – 2014
Rob Kirkham, Mayor

 mayorheintzman thumb

2014 - 2018
Patricia Heintzman, Mayor


2018 - 2022
Karen Elliott, Mayor

Photo of mayor armand hurford on white background.

2022 - present
Armand Hurford, Mayor


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