Field Status Report

Field Users
Please mind your speed (10 km) going in and out of gravel road from Loggers Lane to All Weather/Turf field this is not only for safety but will aid in maintaining the integrity of the road surface and lessoning the idea of closing the gate when road is too rough.

When heavy frost is visible, Grass fields will be open after 10AM when frost is no longer visible on the playing fields.

Field Status:
Last updated: Feb 19th 2024

Centennial Fields Open
La Roy Watt Open
Hendrickson Fields Open
Artificial Turf OPEN
Artificial Turf Field, Kicking Wall   OPEN
Mini pitch field OPEN

Brennan Park/Centennial Fields Status

Turf Fields closed until snow is no longer visible and re-inspected by staff designate.  Shoveling snow from the Turf surface is not permitted and my result in loss of use.

Brennan Park and Centennial fields are inspected each week to determine their condition and availability for play. The field closure announcement will be sent out every Friday by 3:30 p.m. and then revised as needed.

In deciding whether to CLOSE a field, Parks staff will take into account the safety and playability of the field, as well as any potential damage it could suffer due to play in poor conditions. If staff determine that a field is CLOSED due to poor conditions, this field will not be available for use until a subsequent inspection is carried out by designated District of Squamish staff.

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