Burial & Memorial Marker Information

The District of Squamish is pleased to provide residents with key information about the cemetery in our community where many Squamish residents have chosen to honour the memories of their family and friends, and visit for quiet contemplation.

Burial Information

Sizes of Graves

Adult full earth burial 9’ x 5’ 2.74m x 1.53m
Child full earth burial  6’ x 3’ 1.83m x 0.92m
Cremation burial  2’ x 2’ 0.61m x 0.61m

Each full earth or cremation burial will include a fiberglass or cement liner. Full earth burial plots may contain one full earth casket and up to three cremations. Cremation burial plots may contain only one cremains per plot. Any work to be undertaken at Mount Garibaldi Cemetery may only be completed with the pre-authorization of the Cemetery Director.

All interments and memorial marker installations are to be completed by District of Squamish Parks and Cemetery Staff.

Block L: at time or purchase or reservation, payment of liner is required as cement liners have been pre-installed.


Care Fund

The Care Fund is for the perpetual upkeep and care of the cemetery and the grave spaces* therein. Each plot that is sold is required to assign a percentage of that sale to a fund for maintenance, repair and staffing requirements.

The monies are deposited into a separate holding account and cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances. The interest of the Care Fund is used for ground keeping, upgrades to the property, and cemetery personnel.

* Grave space means the area used or intended to be used for interment of a deceased person either in the form of cremated remains or a deceased body in a casket in a lot.

Memorial Marker Information

District of Squamish staff will install memorial markers once the installation fee has been received at Municipal Hall and the appropriate paperwork has been completed.

  • Memorial markers must be made from granite or bronze topping.
  • Bronze plate memorial tablet shall be fastened to granite marker base.
  • The installation fee includes Care Fund.

Common Questions

Right to interment and purchase of a plot for Full Earth burial or Cremation burial.  The purchase of a plot at Mount Garibaldi Cemetery gives the purchaser the right to inter human remains in that plot (body of land). The land and surrounding body is the property and maintenance responsibility of the District of Squamish.

Bench Donations

Bench donations as a memorial to a loved one are gratefully accepted. The donated bench becomes the property of the District and is maintained by District staff.

A bronze plaque with inscription will be placed. Maximum size is 18” wide x 3” high. Wording should be present tense and be positive in nature.

All fees associated with the bench donation will be borne by the donor. Please contact the District of Squamish with a proposed location and bench style for approval prior to ordering.


Prices shown do not include GST


Full Earth

Adult Burial Plot Resident $850
  Non-Resident    $5400
  Open/Close $1550
  Fiberglass Liner $400
  Cement Liner* $670
Infant Burial Plot Resident $275
  Non-Resident   $550
  Open/Close $1300
  Fiberglass Liner $250
Child Burial Plot Resident $550
  Non-resident $1100
  Open/Close $1440
  Fiberglass Liner $250



Adult/Infant/child Resident $325
  Non-Resident $2000
  Open/ Close $385
  Fiberglass Liner $150


Please note: prices include Care Fund


A Resident is a deceased person who resided in the District of Squamish at the time of death or a deceased mother, father, brother, sister or children of a person residing in Squamish.

*Full Earth Section L has pre-installed cement liners that require payment at time of purchase or reservation. 


  • Bylaw 1532, 2003
  • Business Practices & Consumer Protection Act of BC
  • Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act

More Information

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  • Fridays  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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