Know the Hazards

Squamish is set in a geographically complex yet beautiful natural environment at the north end of Howe Sound, surrounded by rugged coastal mountains rising to elevations of more than 2500 metres. What makes Squamish attractive as a place to live, work and play also increases the potential for hazard impacts.

The people of Squamish have exposure to the second highest number of hazards in the province. The District's recently completed Community Risk Assessment Report revealed the main hazards to be earthquakes, flooding, landslides, and wildfire.

It is important that Squamish residents prepare themselves emergency situations. Learn about some of the hazards that may affect our community and visit our Get Ready page to learn how you and your family can bet prepared and stay safe in an emergency.


 debris flow Debris Flow

flood Flood

earthquake Earthquake

fire interface Wildfire

hazardous materials Hazardous Materials Release

land slide Landslide

tsunami Tsunami

extreme weather Extreme Weather


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