New Squamish wayfinding system has now been installed

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Downtown/Loggers Lane signs are phase one of a five-year project

The much-anticipated new wayfinding system is finally here, with the first phase of signs currently being installed in the Downtown and Loggers Lane area.

The first phase includes: two Squamish gateway signs at the north and south ends of town on Highway 99; two Downtown signs (north and south, also on Highway 99); and a series of vehicular and pedestrian/cyclist signs in the Downtown vicinity and extending out to the Adventure Centre and Brennan Park along Loggers Lane.

“These new signs will help to visually define Squamish as a community and showcase our town to visitors from both the north and south. It will also help to highlight destinations and promote movement so that people can quickly and easily navigate our town,” says District of Squamish Mayor Patricia Heintzman. “The Squamish brand is already embedded into our lifestyle as a community; this project is really about bringing our town’s brand to life and connecting our community.”

The design strategy was developed with input from a group of community members representing the Squamish Nation, tourism and business leaders, brand leadership team members and trails groups. The resulting concepts were designed to reflect an essence that evokes the words active, modern, youthful, bold, innovative, environmental, integrity and clarity. Ease of maintenance was a key factor in the design and selection of materials.

“This phase will allow us to test a variety of aspects of the wayfinding system and make any adjustments before rolling out future phases,” says Gary Buxton, General Manager of Community Planning & Infrastructure. “Priority setting for phase two will follow as we look to develop a fulsome system throughout the community.”

The roll-out of the phases will extend over five years to accommodate the budget. The first phase will cost $221,500 in 2017, the majority of which (77%) is being funded from accumulated surplus this year. The total budget over five years is proposed to be $1,275,000.

For more information about the project visit our wayfinding project page

August 11, 2017

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  • Bram Whillock Sep 11, 2017

    Hello Squamish District,

    Where did the budget surplus come from? How does the new signage fit into the OCP?

    • DOS Communications Sep 13, 2017

      Hello Bram, surplus is accumulated annually if revenue exceeds the expenses for the year. Much of the District’s accumulated surplus goes into reserves, however a small portion is sometimes used for future projects at the discretion of Council. You can view the financial statements relating to this in our Annual Report starting on p. 72. If you would like more information, our Finance Team would be happy to speak to you in person.

      The new signage is supported in the OCP in a number of different policy areas that relate to the economic growth of the community. The wayfinding goal is to bring the Squamish brand to life to distinguish the region as a destination for adventure, recreation, tourism, and business. Success in these sectors will help bring local business growth and jobs to the community, and will help to ensure continued investment into the recreational infrastructure that has inspired so many residents to choose Squamish as their hometown.

  • Mike Adams Sep 03, 2017

    I have lived in Squamish for over 20 years paid my far share of taxes to the town I call home. I don't understand why Squamish Council are or seems like is focusing on tourism now a days. Where is the focus on the locals that have lived here and supported Squamish for years. It would be nice to be able to get things too like a water park or a wave pool with a water slide. Something that all can enjoy from the locals to the tourist that come visit Squamish.

  • Valleycliffe resident Aug 18, 2017

    You spend $1,275000!!! On signage, which by the way is the 3rd go in the 12 years since I have lived in Squamish, and I can not get a lit pathway home to keep me safe getting to and from downtown. These signs will be vandalized like every other sign, and you will spend more money, so people from outside can know where the downtown is, how about keeping your citizens safe!? This is despicable!

    • DOS Communications Sep 13, 2017

      The budget is spread over five years, so on average $250k per year. The current signage throughout the community is a patchwork of signs that has grown up over a couple of decades. This investment is designed to create a consistent and simplified wayfinding system to bring the Squamish brand to life and distinguish the town as a destination for adventure, recreation, tourism, and business.

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